Orion Protocol - The 'opportunity' dip.

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When you show people graphs of your favourite projects and they only see a vertical rally they usually feel uncomfortable buying because they feel that they're the 'last fool' buying the top.

Not different with ORN.

If you managed to read my posts from a while ago, you might remember that I was catching falling knives with my beloved friend @resiliencia as I stated in this post.

Back at the time (mid-October 2020), we were trying to catch some tokens at a 20-30 cent difference taking profit from a bi-monthly release of tokens.


The funny thing is, that 0,3$ 'discount' that we tried to grab didn't matter at all. We had a gem between our hands and it was irrelevant the entry price. We only had to hold.

Fast forward to now and while I'm writing those lines, ORN is scoring a -35% loss since the local top close. Why?

Buy the rumour & sell the news 'event'.

However I refuse to believe such a thing exist, crypto is still very irrational and we have dumb traders/gamblers everywhere,

People scooped up late ~25$/ORN hoping for a quick 100% up to 50$ upon main net release (which happened on the 31 of March).

Lots of people with insanely high expectations. Also, people hoping to stake on day 1, not knowing that it won't be possible yet (hopefully in 1-2 months).

They still fail to understand that timing the market isn't wise. It's better to spend time in the market.

And as the price keeps dipping further, I see the nature 'healing' from greedy traders & fudders. Indicators resetting, weak hands out. Strong hands stepping in to accumulate more. The cycle starting again.

Exactly where/when I want to be buying in. (it could dip further from a TA perspective though, so careful if you decide to step somewhat on this thing).

Some TA


the chart is pretty simple. Top a few days ahead of the mainnet release and started dipping on the same day/hour because 'no pairs'.

Since then non stop dipping. In case you ask, yes, I bought some yesterday at 18,5$.

If current support around 17$ fails to hold, the next relevant support level is 15$.

In lower timeframes, we can also see that all indicators have been reset, which is great from the 'entry of new participants' view.


As it stands now, it's all healthy in my eyes. Gonna keep watching closely (but without losing sleep).

Can I tell you a secret? Price doesn't matter.

Why? Because we have a functioning terminal that is going to start releasing dividends to stakers soon based on volume. And a small % of all the fees collected is going to buy back ORN from the market.

Assuming a halt in the price but with a constant volume, the APR in ORN doubles.

Which eventually push the price higher... guaranteeing lower dividends, but with a higher principal.

Assuming a volume of 360M (between all the sources) a token price of 17,5$ (current price) and 25M ORN staked (it's more than the current circ supply), we still have an annual APY of 45%. Which might not seem like a lot. But trust me, it is.

Remember this is a VERY conservative number based on 'worst-case scenario' IMHO.


But sir, how would it be with a 'neutral' or 'realistic' scenario?

Screenshot this, because it's going to happen.

+250M in daily volume it's very doable, with 20M ORN staked (current total supply, not assuming following bi-monthly releases).

With those parameters price could easily be 50$ (or even more, people talk about 100-300$ in a bullish market condition).

Thing is, if the price would stay forever at 20$ with those parameters, you would be getting an ~78,8% APY with a SUPPLY CAPPED TOKEN. Being all those dividends derived from utility.


Don't ask me why, but every day that passes I'm falling in love more & more with ORN as more partners are being integrated.


Can't wait until Orion reaches their final form.

Disclosing: I mentioned it above, so yes, I hold ORN. Might be biased.


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Well, timing the market doesn't quite work on Crypto because Fundamental analysis is kind of useless to predict price.
I should now, I have always been a fundamental analysis guy trading stocks and this is nowhere near what I experienced in the stock market.

Fundamentals really don't matter and it's all squeezes and bulls, speculation, the wild west really.

Trick is to grab a project you're comfortable with - or 20 - and HODL.


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Fundamentals matter long term but as you say it's pointless to try to trade basen on them (or at least is a difficult thing to do).

You won't be able to hold -20% swings if you're not sure of what you holding :)

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I don't think I have heard of this project so I plan to research it in the next few days. If I want to enter, I'll wait for it to curl back up before entering.

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IMHO it's always better to average down rather than wait for the 'perfect' entry.

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I agree. A curl up in my opinion is when the downtrend has been broken and has signs of a chance of going up. I am not looking for the most perfect entry but create a starter position. Then depending on the price action afterwards, I can add more incase things dip.

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Good afternoon empoderat

Happy to be able to read a post from you again, I hope you keep posting "frequently" (at least as much as possible).

Sadlt Im a little late to this post it seems as I almost "missed" a great opportunity I wish I could have seen this post earlier, but I have had a crazy weekend (this not mean bad).

However after reading your post, I have jumped right into reading the "ORION PROTOCOL" project.

And without hesitation Ive decided to buy some "ORNS", unfortunately I didn't get to buy them at the lowest price, but $19.02 is not a bad price.

Thanks for letting me know about this project and for sharing your analysis.

Again thank you very much for providing me with a great read.

Until next time (your next post) and have an excellent month of April.


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I have been watching this as well and also see it as a $100 value at some point. People are greedy and all #ORN needs is a little patience.

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Exactly my thoughts. Orn is a beast i the making IMO

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Ok, got the message.
300 more ORN in my bag at 17$ aprox.
I believe it's a really good call, there is a really low supply of ORN, people will fomo really hard.

Oh you bought.

Nice one. Enjoy the ~15-20% profit.

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Waiting for moar!
Those sellers will regret selling now.

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First time seeing this project. I try and keep up with it all but with honestly thousands of projects it can be difficult. I fully agree with the part about not caring about price when it comes to believe in a project and operating a node or a large sum of POS. You essentially will continue to build more ownership and support the ecosystem. Going to dive into this project today and see what it's all about thanks!

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Good luck! If you have any question just ask

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Looks like a great project. $17.5 is a bit pricey for me to pop in on. But what's the average stake worth?

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What do you mean by average stake?

there's no minimum. But if you holding less than 1000$ worth of orn, I advise to hold it into your BSC wallet (same as CUB and BLEO)

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What a great analysis mate, I really didn't know about this crypto. I will look into it, looks like a good long term investment 💪.

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Estudialo y poco a poco, porque es algo complejo de entender al principio.


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Exacto amigo, debo ir poco a poco. Un saludo!

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What a great analysis mate, I really didn't know about this crypto. I will look into it, looks like a good long term investment

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A good entry point

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I see other saying that it's a bit too expensive for them and as lowly pleb I agree :P You should shill us some much cheaper coins that we can buy a large quantity of, that makes plebs feel important :)))

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When you say 'cheap' u refer to low priced coins in terms of $$ or marketcap?

Don't mean a shit the $ value of the coin, It's all about mcap.

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I meant low price so plebs can feel like they can afford them. I was just messing around :) but I learn a lot of useful stuff from guys like you in the process

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ORN is promising...the big money is not in the buying and selling but in the waiting

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Looks like low hanging fruit. I am in..

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Looks interesting, have to take a look at it!
And congrstulations for buying in so early! :)

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I think it's like all staking platforms. It needs time.

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Hi @emmpoderat
I have a question about Binance bridge. I am trying to transfer dai from bsc to Metamask. I get through all the steps until the last one to okay the fee, which is 3.42 usd, in BNB, and I have $400 plus BNB, but it says I insufficient funds and that I need to go to my Metamask wallet and complete the transfer. Neither of these issues make sense. Because I have enough BNB and I am transferring from BSC to Metamask, soi5s not possible to go to Metamask to complete the transfer. Am I doing something wrong?

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take in mind that metamask is not necessarily ethereum. Metamask is just an extension that lets you to interact with apps, in that case binance bridge lets you to transact in/out from binance smart chain and binance chain 'only'.

Are u sure of what assets are u trying to swap between chains¿¿ from where do u want to swap and whats the destination?

Theoretically everything is here.


good luck bud.

I will focus on Metamask as a tool only.
I am trying to move Dai to my Metamask wallet, using Ethereum Network because it’s an ERC token.
I just realized that Cubfinance is am AMM Exchange clone with no wallet. The wallet I move my Eth to from my other Eth wallet is my Metamask wallet, which I connect to BSC and connect to dApps like Cubfinance. I can’t move Dai there because the Dai is there. 💡

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