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         Some of you may have seen a handy little app named Chirpty on Twitter. It shows who you interact with on your spam journey. It's even got a nice little monetization feature for those who cannot wait to see who's in their circle.

         Imagine that, over a decade later and we are back to MySpace Top 8. Turns out, little gimmicks like this still sell. Makes me wonder if the spam chain mail tactic still works. Remember those? The surveys that screamed "take my info"?

         Anyhow, after examining my own social interaction graph, I wasn't surprised.

         Most of the people I interact with are folks on Hive. That's not a good thing, that is, if my goal was to let the world know about Hive. It's a good thing that I didn't dedicate myself to do that because those interactions look sad.

         The bad news is, my circle is most likely more diverse than most of the people spamming the #hive tag right now. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, it's time to reflect on the strategy. If your Chirpty circle shows you talking in an echo chamber, it's time reevaluate.

         You ain't gonna achieve "network effect" by speaking to the same dozen people on Twitter each day. Not to mention, there aren't enough unique active persons in the network. I'm not even going to criticize some of the rhetoric I've seem on there. It's outside of the scope of this post.

         Point being, get out there if you are on Twitter. Talk to other people. Talk to those who share your interests. Interact with them. Share your opinions. You don't have to know everything about Hive. You only need to talk about aspects you know are true.

         There's a reason why everyone hates the XRP army tactic of vomiting random tweets about XRP. Don't act like them. A popular Bitcoin meme is that "Bitcoin fixes this". How does Hive fix an issue someone may be tweeting about? I'll leave that to you imagination.

         By the way, DeFi is the hottest thing right now, so there's a reason why all the attention has gone over to that sector. I expect wrapped HIVE or LEO to effect changes in prices. More so than tweets at this time.

         At the end of the day, ask yourself this:

Am I comfortable telling my close friends and family about Hive?

         If not, all your efforts are most likely in vain.

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How did Justin end up in there?

Probably because I hounded him a lot for a while.




Lots of familiar faces there.



It is kinda fun if you just take it at its face value.

I have been trying to integrate some more non crypto related tags into my tweets so I can bring in some more people from outside Hive. I am not really sure if it is working. Twitter is like a full time job sometimes, so I try not to let it suck me in.

Just act natural.

When you try too hard,you are gonna get burned out.

I've gone to that site 10 times, finally there was an open slot, but when I clicked the button it said there was no slots.

I must have gotten pretty lucky then.

I am wicked lucky, usually the luckiest in the room.
It's just all bad.

Increase your luck stat, you must.

I tried, I keep rolling 1's.