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RE: Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | BRAND NEW SUMMER CHALLENGE - 100 DAYS OF SAVING BACKWARDS! | Week 16 - Saturday 17 April 2021 - Win EDS Tokens for Comments!

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Sorry for being MIA last week. Must have missed the post as I had a rough week.

It's nice to see your saving club is getting bigger every week.

I've saved Hive this week And it is ready to be invested when the time comes. Heaven bought bitcoin this week but have invested some of my earnings into CUB DeFi.

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Hello @erikah, good to see you :) Hope things are better for you this week. Sometimes life needs a lot of attention 🙂. THe savings club is doing well, and it is so nicve to be able to give out tokens every week, makes it more fun!
Looks like you have some good savings/investments plans.

You know, plans are made and then life turns them upside down 😀

But if you have a plan B, you can survive.

Good luck with the saving club!

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