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RE: Introducing Leoshop | Buy & Sell Digital Products With LEO, STEEM and SBD!

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I'm really happy to have this option here. I want to thank you for the hard work, it's much appreciated. I have a question as it's not clear to me what exactly "Digital Downloads" covers. You specified eBooks, that is clear but what about drawings in PDF format? There are a lot of artists here who I'm sure would use the platform for selling their art.


Hey @erikah! Thanks for checking it out :)

I should have put some more options for that in the original post, I'll put some edits in there to talk about other potential digital downloads.

A digital download can be any sort of downloadable file -- regardless of size and type. Some examples could be:

  1. PDFs of drawings (as you said)
  2. Ebooks
  3. A zip file with a 25 video series online course
  4. A one-page recipe
  5. A 600 page cookbook with vibrant images and designs
  6. An image file with a map that starts a treasure hunt

The options for digital downloads are limited only by our imaginations!

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Ok, I should have been more clear in formulating my question. What I wanted to know is if this new "playground" is only for investments, crypto,
investing strategies, fundamentals, philosophies etc.

Yay!!!! Thanks for clearing this out, I'm so happy as I'm going to be a regular here soon :) I LOVE IT!!!!