BSC Bridge - first use - excellent

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Yesterday late in the evening, while (manually) compounding the @CubFinance farms I realized I've run out of $BNB for the fees. Eh ...

BSC Bridge to the rescue

I entered 20 $HIVE, which is more than enough to cover several fees, into the Buy BNB with HIVE fields. Moments later thus bought $BNB appeared in my BSC wallet. I successfully finished the compound, thank you!

Of course, there are other options to top-up $BNB. Yet, BSC Bridge is by far the easiest and the most convenient for Hive users.

@deathwing, thank you very very much!

Better and better

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That is awesome! I haven't needed to try out any of these bridges yet, but I am looking forward to being able to do it relatively effortlessly when the time comes. It's so nice how just a little BNB goes such a long way!

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This particular bridge caters to $HIVE - $BNB pair exclusively. That's why it's precious to us on Hive.

While LeoBridge ... I can't find any use for it. I don't have nor use any of the supported tokens.

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Ah, okay, that is good to know.

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Great. Leofinance is definitely shaking the waters.

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It is indeed. Let's hope they can keep the momentum and bring fresh users and funds to the platform.


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A rare self-tip ...

@tipu curate

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hello dear friend @ ervin-lemark good afternoon
It is good that the operation has been efficient and successful
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Hello, my friend. Thank you very much.

Have a great week.

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