Compounding CubFinance Pools

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Almost zero $CUB to harvest?

Because I did a regular periodical harvest of the pools that I am active in at @cubfinance, of course.

It's easy to do it, it takes five minutes, and your invested amount is bigger so you can get a bit more in the future.

There are fees involved so you should do it when the fees are lower than the amount harvested.

This morning exercise's fees were $1.45 for four transactions, on an example of the CUB-BUSD pool:

  • harvest $CUB,
  • swap half of the $CUB harvested to $BUSD,
  • get LP tokens with the above-mentioned assets,
  • add LP tokens to the liquidity pool.

Again, it's easy, it takes minutes, and adds to your investment.

Do it regularly.

How regularly? It depends on how much you invested. The more you have, the more often you can do it.

Good luck :)

Ps: those with a sharp eye will notice in what pool(s) I invest. What about your pool preferences?

Better and better

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good one, but you can be lazy and harvest only once a day. No difference? Do you know when kingdoms are released?


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I am lazy and compound every two to three days.

No, I don't know. One of these days. Or weeks :)

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Ps2: it took me twice as much time to write the short post above than to compound $CUB :)

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I farm in the same farm as you and compounding cubs in the den.
Around 230 cubs per day.

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You are several leagues above me :) Good for you!

My current score is around 14 $CUB daily. The short-time goal is 40 $CUB daily.

Aja, terase so odprte :)

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You earn minimal pension just with Cub. You're good.
Terase ja. Sem spil en kapucino na Dolgem mostu v soboto, hehe.