One BSC Address, Many #defi Sites

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From left to right and from top to bottom:

What do they have in common? Besides being the original and the clones.

Yes, they are all connected to the same BSC address.

It's much more convenient this way than having a separate address for each #defi service.

You can move funds between them with ease. And you only need to top-up one wallet with $BNB to pay for the fees.

What is your approach? One address to serve them all?

Better and better

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It's great that these websites look the same and the majority of their features are common. Makes it simple for us to do more by doing less.

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They look the same because they use the same template - PancakeSwap :)

Yes, it makes it easier. Yet, the BSC blockchain is under a heavy load in the last weeks. A lot of transactions going on with many of them failing. We'll see if Binance will be able to scale it up to accommodate the load.

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Yeah, all of them are forks of PancakeSwap.

Many people have faced slow transactions time lately. I have heard that some of their nodes have been jailed (halted) because of technical issues. Let's hope they resolve it soon.

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About slow transactions ...

Three nights ago the chain was literally halted. I tried several transactions and nothing happened. Went to bed to find out in the morning that transactions came through hours later.

The next night transactions were coming through reasonably quick. Yet, the #defi frontends didn't reflect them. I tried several top-ups again and again only to realize later that the interface was behind and showed wrong numbers.

If the trend continues and these sites multiply and generate more load on the chain ... I don't know. Scaling up the blockchain is becoming an issue. In this case BSC.

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Thanks for the information Ervin. I did a small transaction and it took a good 20 minutes to process. I didn't know it was that bad.

Do you think Hive equivalent (HSC) to BSC can solve scaling problems?

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HSC? It depends on the load :)

In theory, it can. If an easy procedure is in place to create the node and to scale the node.

So, it's not enough to put up the network and be happy with it. You should design and test and document it and keep it affordable for the 10-fold and 100-fold traffic and data load.

If you don't do that then everything is just on the academic level and can't survive the real-life conditions across time.

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So we need to plan well in advance for a much higher load than it is now!

I hope we manage to do it.

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Yes, exactly.

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Thanks for the image. That always helps my understanding. 😊

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You are welcome. And, you are becoming a master #defi user :)

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And, you are becoming a master #defi user

Ha, ha, ha. If only that were true! 😂


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How is that limeswap working out for you? I have never heard of that one. I am jumping into a new one today and just waiting to see if there is a rug pull.

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Didn't try it yet. This evening I'll start an experiment. I'll provide equal input to 6 sites and their BUSD LP pools. This way I'll know empirically which one is the best.


It will be fun :)

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Nice. I just pulled out of Garuda. I think I made a little bit off that one. Moving it into Gator which I think is going live today. I already took an impermanent loss on that one because I jumped the gun. I figured I will give it a week and see how it all pans out.

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Gator? Thanks for the tip and keep us posted.

BTW, where did you find this news?


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I saw someone mention it in the Garuda Telegram. I think it goes live in about a half hour. The price of the token is nuts right now and the APR is in the millions. I expect it to drop quickly. I am also prepared to lose my whole investment in it. I should have waited to swap for the token and add liquidity. I think I am going to get burned by going in so early before launch.

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24 M TVL for a new site. People are crazy!

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Yeah, it was nuts there for a while. You should read my other comment :P

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I did read it. Looks like I won't be starting my experiment tonight. It's late already and I need some sleep :)

Anyways, the preliminary list of sites to test is eight to nine names long. It depends on whether I'll include Garuda.

I'll probably add Tree Finance and Goose Finance. We'll see ...

Have a great weekend.

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This one?

So I can burn with you? :)

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Haha yeah, it turned into a dumpster fire. I took a 50% loss and pulled out. If I could have clicked just a little quicker it might have been a 3x gain. Oh well...

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