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If you refuse to take risks, expect poverty to set in, and overwhelm your life. Only a man who wants to remain poor is afraid of taking a risk.

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This year, many are trying to rise up again after the bad encounter they had last year due to the pandemic. Many people's resources/savings all went downward not as planned but again due to the happening around the world.

There is this news that the increase in covid 19 patients will warrant another lockdown this year and I also heard that some countries and most states in Nigeria where I come from are on lockdown but I don't know how true that is. So I am on the lookout for what happens next.

The economy is pretty down, the increase of foodstuffs and beverages are becoming something else like in Nigeria Akwa Ibom state precisely where I hail from, a sachet of water is Twenty Naira but just a few days back, it was still Ten Naira.

So my question is, how do you want to get back on your feet this year if we are not planning to step forward and take the bull by at horn, how do we plan on having enough savings for the rainy day if we are not ready to be like the ant and go out into the sun.

Let me tell us this, if we do not or if we are not ready to let the sun scorch us now, then let's expect the rain to beat on us later.

That small business, that investment, that blockchain business, that little plan/gaols you've been nurturing for years and you are afraid of starting, start it, invest on it and have faith that it will grow.

Wait no more, get your pen, book, and calculating material and get out there. Nobody will come to push you if you don't push yourself up. So do what you've got to do so you can have enough for the rainy days ahead.

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There is nothing like small now, so stop seeing that business idea as small and start it. Although the income may look small at the beginning but then, always remember that nothing lasts forever. Maybe, just one day, we will reap the fruit of your labor when you are in deer need.

Be ready to trad, be ready to invest, be ready to go into crypto trading, be ready to start something, be ready to take a risk because good risk always comes out fine even though it may take months.

I remember when the second layer token started (LEO token and SPORT token), while many did not believe in the token because of the low price, many took the risk to use their money to buy, invest, stake, and HODling the token even when the price was nothing to write home about but today, those people who took the risk are now reaping the fruit of their labor.

No good and futuristic risk-taking business isn't worth your time or money. In fact, it is worth your energy too. So stop thinking and start acting. This is not the best time to put your eggs into one basket. Aim for as many baskets as you can and good ones, so you have enough for the rainy days.

Risk-takers always come out smiling and they are never poor because they always have many sources of income.

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A Happy New Year to you all once again and wishing you all a prosperous and fruitful year ahead.

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We are all here because our ancestors took risks that paid off. Great article for a new year.

Lols... You can say that again. Thank you.

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We should be like the ants indeed. The thing is no one can change your financial status except yourself.

As for me I've set my goals to score more points than ever, crypto will be my source of living because I will put in a lot to get the cash out.

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You are right. Lols... You got me there, the same goes for me. Crypto has been and will be the source of living for me because employment over here is poor so I have to put in my all to be able to get a lot.
Thanks for your comment. I love it.

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That small business, that investment, that blockchain business, that little plan/gaols you've been nurturing for years and you are afraid of starting, start it, invest on it and have faith that it will grow.

Sigh.... We all have been a victim of procrastination one way or the other and only few learn from it and become a better person.

Start applying what you know now even if you don't totally understand it ask people who do but never lose hope that it's not going to work.

I also heard about the second lockdown wave and I hope it won't become a reality because we might end up spending the whole 2021 at home again like we did in 2020.

A sachet of water is still 10naira here in ondo though and I'm sure it'll soon increase very soon.

Crypto is one of the assets I plan to acquire and maximize my portfolio this year.

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I pray the lockdown does not come again. We don't want the affliction a second time. Only a few people learn from their mistakes of procrastination and move forward.

Making enquiring about a particular business is better than keeping silent and making that business thought unrealistic.

I pray it reduces to the normal amount because it is seriously bad.

Make plans and it surely will work for you.
Thanks dear friend.

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Amen to that. I also hope it doesn't repeat itself again.


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Life is all about taking risks. Trying to be passive is also a risk in itself. However, when one takes an informed risk, he may have some take home at the end of the day.

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You are right about that. Being informed makes one prepared and educated about what he or she is going into and the risk involved.

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