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I am so excited guys, I guess you know why. My cryptocurrency earnings helped me buy a shoe and I am so glad.


I guess, when the year began, we all wrote down our goals, vision or perhaps things to get this year on out diary or to do list and many did not come as expected or we could not achieve them as planned due to the pandemic which strucked us greatly and kept us indoors for two to the three months or more than as some countries are still facing it till today.

Funny enough, I would say this year was either a blessing or a curse for some people as many lost their loved ones while others were blessed with so many things they least expected and they are jubilating even though the year had seemed though to them at first.

Huh! for me, I wouldn't say it was a curse irrespective of the challenges I faced, I am still grateful because I was able to get what I never dreamed or expected of getting this year and that was my Mini Laptop which I am still using till today for blogging and funny enough, I purchased it with my crypto earning.

So, from the beginning of the year, I had plans to purchase a new black shoe and an android smart phone and other plans as well but since my old shoe was already worn out and not presentable to go out. Lest I forget, the shoe is exactly six years old since I purchased it and till today, I am still using it although it has some patches here and there.


At a point in time, my dream of getting a new shoe looked impossible and I was beginning to grow weary. I began to grumble of how I would be using this old shoe another year and it was not becoming funny to me anymore.

I needed a new shoe I said to myself. Luckily, I had some huge amount of LEO in my wallet so I decided to trade it and boom, I had some good amount of money.

So I said to myself, wouldn't it be good to get something I could turn around and proudly say to myself, this is what my crypto earnings bought for me rather than use it for buying food and junks which I love eating.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it is wrong but I didn't want to use the money anymore to buy food, pay bills or something I don't get to see after. I wanted something I could turn around and smile to myself and tell to someone who cares to listen that my work on crypto/blockchain gave me this and that is exactly what I did.

I decided to get a shoe instead since I needed one urgently and I had numerous programs to attend and I need to dress presentable you know, you don't know and can't tell when opportunity comes knocking. Lols...

I took the money to the market the next day and I had to go around the market in search of my size. Hmmm, have got a big leg here so it is always not easy to see my size in the market and if I am opportune to see, few and very costly.

I had in mind the kinda of shoe I wanted, even though I was becoming tied of going around without success, I still kept on moving. Thanks to my friend wakygrace, who never relented effort as she was patient enough with me and never got tired.

Then BOOM! I saw what I needed. A simple yet beautiful shoe, when I saw it at first sight, I fell in love with it. It was exactly what I needed.

Then I tested it and it was my perfect size and very free as well. We began to bargain price. Oh my God, It wasn't an easy task bargain price with the seller and my friend did a great job there because I was becoming tired and loosing hope of buying the shoe but finally, we bought it at the rate of three thousand naira (3,000) after much pleading.


I was so happy when the seller finally accepted to sell it at that rate but what got me more excited was how the shoe was admired by everyone the next day I wore it for a program. You know as a lady, what makes us happy is when we are appreciated or when the things we wear are appreciated by people. No matter how small and petite the may seem.

So finally, I was able to achieve one more thing with my crypto earning and one more is left to go and that is my android smart phone. I am not losing hope just yet even though it is almost the end of the year. I don't give up that easily and that is for sure.

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So tell me in the comment section, what have your earning been able to get for you this period?

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Nice way to spend your LEO! I was able to buy a bunch of Splinterlands packs to earn some additional passive income from my LEO profits!

Never give up on anything! Smart phone will come soon!

Thank you... Good to hear about that and more wins to you.
I won't, Thank you and I say a big Amen to that.

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it's really amazing that with crypto you managed to buy something for yourself and that's only the beginning!

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Yeah, it is sure an amazing to do things for ourselves with crypto.

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Congrats and nice to see the LEO cryptocurrency making some wishes come true. This shows that crypto can improve life financially and that it holds monetary value. I wish you get to your next item on the list and buy a new smartphone before end of the year. All my voting power (even if not so great) to get to your targets.

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Wow, I am wowed that you will help me in acheiveing my dreams. Thank you so much for the nice words. You are indeed right, crypto has a long way to go in human lives as it has saved so many from financial problem.

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Good for you. That's mass adoption for crypto and seeing such use cases makes me happy and excited about the future.

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Thank you and we really need to be happy at the rate at which adoption of crypto is changing so many things

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Way to go girl! I am glad to see that Leo earnings could help you purchase a new shoe. I am sure it can do more for you
Just keep the blogging spirit alive and you never know how much Leo can do for you

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Thanks crypto baby. Indeed I sure won't forget that.

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So tell me in the comment section, what have your earning been able to get for you this period?

That is easy. All my earnings are and has been powered up and transformed in Leo power to be able to support those who are here for long term, helping to build the community. Half or my Hive earnings are transformed in Leo, then invested into LBI, so with the Leo I'm going to earn, I can support those who are doing the same, staking and helping others to grow their stake.
This is what my earning been able to get for me this period.

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You are indeed a generous person and my grease to your elbow. Keep up the good work and more winnings will come your way.

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