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Many when they hear entrepreneur, think it only refers to people who have a business or company of their own which is not a lie but they fail to know that even in the blockchain, one can become an entrepreneur of his own.

Who is an Entrepreneur?
Investopedia says and I quote,

An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business/or procedures.

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I take this to give a better explanation of what I am trying to pass to us,

An entrepreneur isn't just a starter of a company, but one who bears the risk, enjoys the rewards that comes, an innovator or better still one who is creative, one who comes up with good and new ideas to better and upgrade his company.

We all know in the real world, an entrepreneur has his or her own business or company and runs the day to day affairs of the company bringing in new and creative ideas that will help boost and push the business forward with the aim of gaining a lot of consumers/users, profit and for future purposes.

So is it in the blockchain world. one can be his own entrepreneur using the definition started above.


The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business/or procedures.

An author in the blockchain is one who write content, get upvoted for his or her content and such earn a living with the money he or she gets from the content created. He or she doesn't just come to pen down what others have pen down and have got paid for but they pen down their own new ideas which will be of good to those reading the content, it solves other people's problem who were ignorance of that.

Now, these activity they do, call for one to be creative and ready to look at his or her surrounding, picking out nature, and find inspiration and motivation in them to pen down ideas or creativity gotten from that. This shows one of the characteristics of an entrepreneur.

Just maybe, from the beginning, it wasn't passion that drove one to be in the blockchain but the profit one will receive but after a long while, he or she will begin to develop the passion to write because of the response he gets and fans base he has been able to acquire through his creative ideas on the blockchain.

An author begins his or her entrepreneur services in the blockchain when he has passion that drives him to be there. He doesn't need people to encourage him even though it is necessary even though people still think negative about what he or she is doing but passion drives them to pen down great articles in the system.

Blockchain is also a platform where one can advertise their goods or help other people advertise their goods and services and have people willing to patronize them.

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bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards.

A curator is one whose job is to buy, sell tokens and HODL it to be able to grow and give people big upvote which he himself gets a reward for that.

A curator is one who makes decision for himself, a risk-taker, one who makes financial risk with the hope that the future will bring profit.

Are you wondering where I am driving? Now let's see a little of what pure curators do.

  • They go to the market, buy and stake for curating process, for-profit as well.

There are most times, the tokens like when we the second layer tokens came into existence. many bought it and HOdl even when the token prices where nothing to write home about. They had the confidence that buying such tokens is risk taken but they had the confidence that the risk taken now will surely have a profit in the future.

They never give up easily on any token no matter how small it looks as long as they've been able to see the vision and they know where the token will be in the nearest future. They are driven by vision and are keen and focused on where the token is going.

They are not interested in the now but they are interested in the future because of what they see ahead. They encourage themselves even when the token is taking long than expected to moon, they still have hope and don't easily back down.

They have the opportunity to grow in staking and in fame in the blockchain, they suffer losses when there is a step down of prices in the token they are Hodl.

We also have thousands of people who we call developers who are in the blockchain just to think of new ideas and create tools that will help and make blogging and curating easier and fun for others. These people also are their own entrepreneurs in the blockchain/crypto world.

This characteristics are few of the characteristics about an entrepreneur, now if you look into it carefully, we will realize that those in the blockchain world, be authors, curators, blockchain traders are all entrepreneurs because they all have the characteristics.

So if you are in the blockchain, you are an entrepreneur whether a curator or an author because you've got all the characteristics of an entrepreneur which is why you are still in here.

So, you need to make the most of your stay in the blockchain, because you are also an entrepreneur.

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Thanks for reading through my blog.

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wow, so interesting. Well explanatory and creative post. It worths the reading over and over. Thank you for this insight. I believe it'll go a long way to help many newbies and those yet to get onboarded. You can as well share this post on your twitter handle. Well done👍 @evegrace

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Thank you for your encouraging word and I am glad it was worth your time.

Okay, I will go ahead and tweet it now. Thanks once again.

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😊you're welcome @evegrace

Insightful. Indeed a content creator is an entrepreneur on the Hive blockchain because his product is the original content he pens out there to satisfy the content consumer who also pays for the content with an upvote so he can use the idea for his development and the cycle continues..

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Yeah, you are right about that and I think content creators are more of an entrepreneur than a content curator.

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