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RE: Still wondering what to do with those AFIT tokens? Wait no more and .. read on!

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This is wonderful. It is good to know that so many tokens this year are going into the market and are helping people meet their needs at a particular time.

Although I knew about Actifit from the beginning but have not been using it, and won't be among those who will be spending the token. That is because I do not have a smart phone to do that.

This is great work from Actifit team and we hope it keeps growing.

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Thank you so much for coming over :) I share your excitement and think very highly of the future.
You must be one of the first people I meet that do not have a smart phone .. may I ask how come? Do you instead have a mobile phone?
Is it a choice?
Did you ever own one?
Do you plan to use one in the future?
Do you not need one?
Did you not have a mobile phone before? (before they got smart ;))

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