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Many people because of the quest to get rich or perhaps I will say make money so fast, tend to rush into things without thinking, analyzing, asking questions from experts before going into the business.

Funny enough, they rush in and rush out and then blame people for their failure which is unreasonable. They come out regretting and feeling disappointed

There is this adage that says, "When you want to enter into a stream for the first time, do not just jump into the stream, rather you test it with a foot first to see how deep the stream is lest you will get drowned by the current of the water if it ends up being too deep and you don't know how to swim out or do not have someone who will help you out."

So many people because of the excitement of the profit they are going to receive jump into the business without

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  • Do your research
  • Ask questions from experts/professionals and have someone to who you are accountable.
  • Know the best strategy that will be good for you
  • Know the risk involved - In every business, there is a risk, so it is better to know the risk of the business you are venturing into. When you have details about the business, you are on a safer side because you are always prepared for whatever outcome.
  • Get the best idea
  • Have a strong work ethic,
  • Check your location
  • Determine the kind of consumers- Know your target
  • layout your finances and try as much as possible to have plans. Have as many plans as possible so you can have something to fall back upon when the first plan isn't going as planned.
  • Write out your business plans and the finances involved in details
  • Know the right time to venture into the business - You don't go to the stream and jump into it without testing the current, you will get drown but knowing when and when not to go into the stream will be of many advantages to the swimmer. So with businesses like the crypto world, many buy the coin not when it is on a higher side but when it is on a lower side to be able to get enough profit. It is what we call timing.
  • Don't pour in all your resources. Start with the little you can spare. Don't put in money you will be in need of urgently, put in money you know will not be needed urgently and see it as money you are putting in your Savings account for the future.

Be careful not to jump into a business you know nothing about without doing any of the following listed above, so you don't get drowned and come out depressed, wounded, and full of regret.

In as much as we want to grow wealthy, let us learn to take and to follow the right steps involved in business and it applies to all businesses. It is important that we know these and learns to apply them to avoid our businesses crumbling even before it is started.

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Happy New Month to everyone.

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These are very good pointers.
Some like me are doing the research but don't plan.
Planning is indeed very important.

Solid read. When it comes to investment, one must not jump to every sound of the music. It's important to start with a personal research and dip in one toe at a start.

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