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A few weeks ago, I went to a dressmaker to make a dress and since I already had in mind what I wanted her to sow for me, I showed her what the dress should look like after finishing. She actually told me she knew how to make that particular dress and assured me.

A few days back, I decided to go and get the dress only for me to realize that she did not sew exactly what I asked her but sewed a different thing. I wasn't just annoyed but bitter that I trusted her to give me the best but she wasn't after giving me the best, she was after the money she will receive.

Many businessmen and women are like that, they are after selling their goods and giving out services, they are not after listening attentively to the customer's demands or services and this is what kills businesses and makes businessmen not have customers or consumers that will always come back for more.

Giving a consumer your full attention ad listening to every detail of what they want makes one be at the edge over other businessmen.

Even when you don't have exactly what the consumer/customer wants ut your rapt attention to every detail of the kind of goods he or she wants can help you or give you the courage to be able to make a better choice for them even better than the one they need but when your attention isn't with them, you can't and won't be able to sustain them.

Although most costumers or consumers can be so hard/difficult to understand or please but, as business personnel, you should be able to convince them with their detailed explanation of the kind of goods they want that the particular one you are giving to them according to their explanation of what they want is going to work out just fine and also the best.

A businessman who is only after the money which is one of the reasons why you are in business but aren't able to sustain or keep customers is bound to crumble even before he or she is able to expand such business.

A good businessman must not only have his or her profit in mind but also have their consumer's welfare and best in mind. No consumer or customer in his or her right state of mind won't come back for more from a businessman or woman who gave her best services or goods to them and they will always direct other people to that particular person.

If a consumer or customer walks into a business premise for a particular service, he or she believes that the people there are capable of giving him/her exactly what she wants but when she doesn't get it, she feels disappointed and won't come back.

There are thousands of people who want them to come so the best way you can retain them is to pay close attention to their needs and give them exactly what they want or substitute for a better one if that particular one they need isn't available.

I as much as we are after the money as businessmen and women, never give out goods or services that aren't your best because you lose consumers/customers when you do that.

Learn not to be in a haste to gather the money/profit but learn to be in a haste to gather consumers/customers that will always gotcha your back.

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I would say that anyone into business must be concerned with the value of the product he sends into the market first before thinking of the profits.

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You are right sir but such is the story today for business men and women. Many are after the profit than what they send into the market to be consumed.

Thank you sir for your comment.

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