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I had a recent situation where I'd convinced a blogger to join us and after taking a look, one little thing scared him away. Just thinking out loud here, but if it were up to me, I would remove the downvote option completely. There are way too many little "Mini Hitler's" running around looking for any reason to downvote someone.

I would replace the downvote option, with a "Do Not Upvote" choice instead. It would look something like this:

Do Not Upvote:

  • 3 Days
  • 7 Days
  • 30 Days
  • 60 Days
  • 90 Days
  • Until Further Notice

Once you make your selection, there would be a little box labeled "Reasons" where you could send a short message stating why. This would give the person a heads-up on why he lost the upvote and an opportunity for corrective action. This would also prevent them from getting your upvote in case they're on a curation trail that you're following.

This way, we avoid the negative image of the platform shown to new people after they join.

Recently, someone has started downvoting every post I make as well as some other veteran bloggers posts. I don't know who the person is and no reason was given. The vote is small, so maybe it's a new person on a power trip, who knows?

But it's the effect it has as I'm about to show you.

So, I was trying to get a friend to join LeoFinance or Hive as a blogger. I'm showing him one of my posts, when he says "What's that little cracked heart?" I was surprised as I consider myself a good Hivean and am a responsible content creator. Turns out it was a downvote. I looked for a reason in the comments; none. So here I am trying to recruit someone away from legacy social media and all of the deplatforming, shadow banning and censorship involved, but now I had to explain downvoting to him.

He's like: "So I'm supposed to come over here, work hard producing great content, only to have some random guy come in and vote it all away?" "You want me to leave social media for this?"

That's it. We lost him...

I get what some of you are trying to do. Some dude comes in with a copy-paste article he lifted online and gets $50 in post rewards. "If we remove the downvote option, how do we stop people like that?" you may ask, and I have an answer. I call it the Shadow Downvote. What I'm concerned with is the appearance of public downvoting and cracked hearts strewn all over the platform and the effect this has on good bloggers who join us.

The Shadow Downvote works just like the regular one, but it would be limited to users of rank 70 or above, since I'm level 67, even I couldn't use it. It would have the same “Reasons” message box available as the “Do Not Upvote” choice does. This way, only people who've been around for awhile and have some "skin in the game' will be able to Shadow Downvote. This would prevent some newbie from opening up an account just to harass people.

Tone is everything

So, you find somebody who's ripped off someone's content and you want to reduce his rewards. Select "Shadow Downvote" choose your percentage, and boom! you're done. No cracked heart to scare away new members and since you're a veteran, you have the experience and knowledge to vote that crap out of here!

If a system like this existed when I was introducing my friend to our platform, we'd be welcoming a brand-new Cub to the Pride.

We put out all of this effort to get bloggers to leave legacy social media and join us on the blockchain, only to frighten them away at the very start. There has to be a better way and there is. So to recap. Under level 70, you have the "Do Not Upvote" option. 70 and above, you have that as well as the Shadow Downvote" option. The point is to take corrective action against those abusing the system, while offering a positive environment for great content creators to call home. What do you think?

Thank You So Much!

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I have seen publications with excellent content and you earn your positive balance and other whales arrive that I have never seen and give them a negative vote and eliminate the positive balance.

This was someone brand new at level 25. I've been here four years in July and aside from the downvoting gang on that other blockchain, I don't usually get downvotes as I'm known as a good content creator.

The feeling was that this is a new person showing off, but it couldn't have come at a worse time. Shadow Downvote would stop new people from doing that, while allowing principled veterans to clean up the platform for the rest of us.

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Hello @done, I answer your question this way. I do not share my rewards with anyone in exchange for votes or support. The votes I have I have earned by posting almost every day for over 1 year and a half.


I don't know what the big deal is, people are hateful on other platforms, too, but on them there is nobody watching to see that they don't become too abusive.
Here folks will speak up for you.

If you get downvoted, and don't see an obvious reason, get in the downvote discord and ask.

If we don't downvote the 'abuse' we can the coins all go to those maximizing their take.
At some point that wrecks the chain, less so now that we have a 5 year track record, but certainly when there was less hive to go around.

If we don't start downvoting the highest earners pretty soon the distribution will be top heavy and the crab bucket will have failed.

I'd flip that around. If you're going to downvote someone, how's about leaving them a reason why in the comments, instead of expecting a new user to hunt around for it?

I'm not against downvoting actual abuse, but people doing it for no reason or just for laughs.

Shadow Downvote is a great idea, as it removes all of those cracked hearts, so that we don't scare away good content creators who intend to actually buy the HIVE or LEO token. You can have your cake and eat it too. We can have the downvote, just remove the cracked hearts and downvote away.

I think we all want the same thing. A strong platform and a growing userbase and token price. I support whatever will get us there, even if it includes the downvote.

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I think we need a little more heart out of our creators, but that is just me.
I'm sorry your friend wasn't interested in finding out if s/he could make it here.
We needed their complaints to keep us on the right track.
Downvotes are there to stop the greedy from taking from all of us.

Doesn't always have to be against greedy either, it's fairly simple to judge certain posts or accounts for being overrewarded or farming autovotes on low effort content. Plenty of good uses for downvotes right there.

This post seems a tad overrewarded as well for the downvote fearmongering and saying users decided not to test out hive because someone could downvote them to 0 for "no reason". Feels like instead of looking for a reason why these random downvotes have been happening from sunsetjesus OP could've just brushed it off and mentioned that if malicious/unfair downvotes do happen there are many users who can step in and counter them. I guess that would defeat the narrative OP wanted to go with here.

It is proving difficult to overcome the downvote bias of the folks coming here, they mostly seem sensitive to their feels.
I mean, this is the internet, after all.

I prefer a community of folks that stand their ground rather than surrender to feels and appeal to authority.
So, our system seems to be working just fine.

Those are some interesting thoughts. I get what you are saying, but I also think people need to have a little thicker skin. I agree that some people abuse the system, but like you said, in your case the downvote was relatively small, so what is the harm really. The first time I got a down vote I was pretty pissed. Then I just got used to it. If it severely impacts your rewards, that is another story, but if it is just some little gnat downvote, I just ignore it. It's too bad that we lost a potential newcomer though. Hopefully they think it over and change their mind.

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It wasn't the effect on me that I was concerned about, but how it made the platform look to new people. This guy influences a lot of people, so the person spewing those hearts, did it at the worst possible time.

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Do they use Reddit at all? Just curious.

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I'm not much of a Reddit user myself, so it's not something I don't think I've ever had a reason to ask about.

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Fair enough. I just know there is a downvote feature in there so if they can handle that, they should be able to handle it hear. I'm not trying to argue with you, I get what you are saying, but I don't think downvotes are going anywhere on here. I think the general consensus among the community is that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. I was simply trying to see if there was a way to reason with the person.

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I hear exactly what you're saying and I've been around long enough that I don't expect anything to change either. I just wanted to get these thoughts out before I stepped out for the day and I hope you're having an awesome one! :)

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Yeah, just about quitting time so it is about to get even better. 68 degrees out too. Gonna be a nice evening. Take care!

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I got downvotes and I don't care, worse I found the insults one had because of downvotes I did on Steem. Each of his comments contained at least one insult, including son of a bitch.

I find that much worse and that something like that is not even punishable with downvotes according to etiquette.

Some people abuse the system...now that is a slight understatement...


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Powerful accounts are setting up meaningless little downvote accounts to constantly hand out downvotes to non-approved content creators. The purpose of these endless annoying downvotes is twofold - to dish out little micro doses of negativity, and to get people used to constantly seeing that fucking broken heart icon on all their posts.


I really hope that's not true as I want this place to thrive and attract the masses. Hive and LeoFinance should be the go-to place on the blockchain for those escaping the deplatforming on traditional social media.

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I have been downvoted without reasons in the past, I feel there should be a more approachable way to do it especially if it turned out not to be justifiable

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That's why I think keeping it at level 70 and above, would at least ensure that we don't have newbies running around voting down everything they see. This time it cost us somebody who could have brought real value to the blockchain.

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Eventually newbie education, might also be made a priority because it's also part of knowing what and what not to do.

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I always wandered what the broken heart was, thank you for explaining @evernoticethat .have an awesome day.

Nice to meet you and I hope you never see one! I'm sure you're enjoying the warm weather down there, as it feels almost like winter up here! :)

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That is frustrating. I will be looking through the history of people I support and see what they are downvoting. You got me with "Welcome to the blockchain, Now Leave!"
Shared on Leo and ProofOfBrain.

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You know, I'd completely forgotten about those little cracked hearts that show up with a downvote on LeoFinance, but my friend saw them immediatly. They were everywhere. On 6 out of my last 10 posts and even on much-respected veterans over level 80. They didn't know who it was and I wasn't going to massage their ego to find out.

It was so disheartening as I'd worked on my friend to bring him over and as if on cue, someone began spraying cracked hearts all over the platform. Thank you for your support and hopefully we can begin a better way to onboard new content creators.

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Excellent answer.

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Downvote is a positive action. It keeps inflation down.

Shadow Downvote makes zero sense. If you are the great 70+ guru, your downvote scares noone, the newbie gets a chance to learn from your wisdom.

Removing DV option from people under 70 might make sense if do not mind being condescending (proposing a number above your score makes no difference - the newcomer cannot look you up).

Nothing wrong with having frontends that do not show DVs but my guess is your friend has little too short attention span.

A couple of weeks ago i started getting a downvote to every single post I make on all sorts of topics, so it's not my content at all. It's some fool just downvoting all my work and that of some others daily regardless of content or topic just because of something else. I don't know what as they never say, so it's stupidity or envy. Someone is downvoting loads of people daily with zero or 0.002 downvote, just to be an ass. If only we knew the logic of it.

We don't want to mention usernames in case it's being done for attention. So I'd ask you to remove the name so we don't contribute to that, thanks.

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Will do, I totally understand.

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I mean no offense to your friend, but seriously, people who can't handle downvotes should stay off the whole internet.

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''so maybe it's a new person on a power trip, who knows?'' - This is way too funny 😂 😂😂

As for the ''Shadow Downvote'', wouldn't be easier that people just don't vote for what they don't appreciate? I mean...I think we should distinguish between what is good content or not. On other platforms, you can just share another's person's post without any problem..and sometimes it is even inspiring 😁 ...I guess we are staying too much on this thing with plagiarism and other shits...it is not like there is an academic committee around here...so I don't see the point that much... some votes are sometimes given with regards to a certain idea or some ideas in a text...some sort of diagonal reading. I prefer that things stay more decentralised really.