A 10% ROI in one week in CUB defi Definitely the best way to invest.

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Today I was in a mental jam worse than rush hour in NY, so I spent hours and hours watching and voting posts, then I thought I'd see how my seeding was going on cub defi farms and I was very surprised at the fast ROI I had obtained in 1 week. Since I have been able to harvest 10% of my investment 4.514 CUB in just 1 week, and this is with an APR of less than 400% and also with a CUB price below $3.


Well, this leaves no doubt in my mind, the defi although it is a bit risky, is the best option to invest in this time, since you can get a pretty decent ROI, something much better than what any bank could give you or promise, since the annual ROI that a bank can give you for keeping your money there, I have investigated and it doesn't even reach 40% (in Venezuela, I don't know the interest rates in other countries) because at the moment, the banks in Venezuela, motivated by the disaster we have for the economy and the pandemic, desperately need people to have money in the banks, so the annual interest rates went up from 9% to 36%.

But no matter how high the interest rates offered by the banks, I wouldn't even think of keeping my money in a bank, because the hyperinflation would devalue it quickly and it would be as if I had no money in the bank at all. For example, yesterday I had in the bank 44.3 million bolivars, which at the dollar exchange rate would be about $15, to buy food, but as the day dawned raining I could not go to buy the food, then hyperinflation did its work in a few hours, because today those 44.3 million bolivars are worth $12.8 that is to say that in just 12 hours I have lost $2.8 dollars of my money.

On the other hand, the cub tokens that I have earned in a week have maintained their value, and although it is true that they can go up in value as well as down, I prefer to have CUB in my wallet instead of bolivars, since I can do many things with the CUB, such as investing in FARMS, DENS, bLEO, bet LP, etc.. On the other hand, the only thing I can do with bolivars is to spend it on food, because if I think of investing them in any asset, I would quickly lose my money due to the constant devaluation of the Bolivar.

That's why I think that CUB finance, leofinance and Hive can change lives, since there are many Venezuelans with a really bad situation, where they earn less than 1 dollar a month, and these blockchain based platforms can become an excellent way to financial freedom.

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That is an insane return in many market, it is not getting enough credit honestly!

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in just 12 hours I have lost $2.8 dollars of my money

That's mind boggling, especially when you take into account the massive interest rates in your banks.

No wonder you want to invest in crypto! 😊

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Yes, it's total madness. But as you say it motivates me more to invest in crypto.

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