"Help Create Whales" - An initiative to support community engagement.

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Leo finance is one of the most successful Hive projects, since its inception it has proven to be a solid project that is willing to evolve to attract the largest number of users. But despite its great success, there is a recurring problem within the community, which you can also find in many hive communities. Taskmaster talked about this problem, which is to have more momentum in the engagement and comments that are made in leofinance, he also proposed to have more engagement as it is the only way to grow properly.

Task, proposed the goal that by the next leo.stats report, there would be a minimum of 12K comments, which would mean that the 1800 comment mark would have to be broken on a daily basis. Sure it sounds difficult, but if each of the users (Which according to the statistics are more than 3K) would make at least 5 comments a day, not only would the engagement increase a lot, but it would also take that number to another level. But, how to maintain that engagement can be a bit difficult, since for 1 or 2 weeks it could be achieved but then we would see how those numbers would start to drop.


That is why I have thought of a proposal to help not only achieve that goal, but also increase the growth of sustainable healing on the platform. The proposal I want to make is based on delegating 10K of LEO POWER to two users (5K each) for one week only, I will explain the details of this proposal:

  • A) In the comments of this publication, you must select 2 other users who have demonstrated excellent commitment to leofinance. And when I say excellent commitment I mean constructive comments, votes and real commitment, also that this is something they have done more than 3 continuous weeks and a minimum of 6 weeks, This for everyone to see solid evidence that they are users who seek the continued growth of leofinance.

*leofinance engagement statistics published by @abh12345, show us the accounts that are actually engaged with the platform.

You can NOT apply users who have more than 5K of LEO POWER

  • B) The hardest part, someone with enough LEO POWER who wants to participate in this initiative, will see the list of users that have been chosen in the comments, and he will select 2 users to give them a delegation of 10K LEO POWER (5K each user) for one week, this way he will give a bigger boost to the work that these users do.


Why this proposal??

Personally I think this is the best way to reward those who have a genuine commitment to leofinance, since as I commented to taskmaaster in his post, promising votes for those who comment is not right, since the day there are no votes there will be no comments, and this is exactly as the saying goes: "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day".

Giving him the fish is promising votes in exchange for commitment, but as the rest of the saying goes: "But teach him to fish and he will have food for the rest of his life". And that is exactly what I want to achieve with this initiative, since by giving a 10K delegation between two users, they will be able to get rewards for their own account in the week they have the delegation and that way you will be teaching someone who is really committed to leofinance to fish.


If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve or change some aspects of this initiative, you can also leave them in the comments, thank you very much for reading.

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First, Who to heck is HW? Stop talking so much in initials that it confuses.

and second, What the hell is wrong with you, when you make a comment is only to criticize or to talk bad about someone else.

What did they do to you? do you have a grudge? well, I think you should talk to someone.

Because even though it is a decentralized platform, it is not a basis to be insulting everyone in the comments.

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