Is the vote I receive on my publications unfair?

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In the work environment, we always find people who constantly complain about the little salary they receive, they feel that they work a lot for little pay or that others for doing less than them receive double or even more. And although in many cases, it is due to unfair labor measures, on other occasions it depends mainly on the people as workers, since when analyzing their situations and their attitude towards work, we come to the conclusion that the little pay they receive is not unfair. So let's take an example to understand it better.


Let's suppose that in a construction site there are 3 workers Juan, carlos and simon, Juan who always arrives 10 minutes late and wants to finish work 1 hour earlier than normal, Carlos every 2 hours stops work, smokes, jokes with other workers and constantly complains that the working conditions are too strict, the attitude of juan and carlos constantly cause the works to stop because of some protest of workers.

And finally we have Simon who always arrives on time and finishes any project 2 hours before carlos and juan, he concentrates completely on doing things well and in a professional manner without unnecessary distractions.

Which of the 3 do you think would get paid better? Well, if you were the contractor, it would obviously be Simon who would receive the best pay, since he is a responsible, outstanding and dedicated worker. And indeed he is, since Simon earns $28 an hour, while Juan and Carlos earn only $15 an hour, doing the same work.

Do you think it's unfair what they do to Juan and Carlos with the pay they receive? Well, no, since people who are dedicated and focused on their work and doing things right, receive better compensation than someone who is not like that and who constantly sabotages the work, which in the long run only makes the bosses lose money.

What happens at Hive and Leofinance.

In this decentralized platform and all communities, we all do the same thing every day, post content, comment and vote on posts and develop initiatives to increase community engagement. But like the example of the 3 workers, here we can also see the same situation, as you can find users who look like or have an attitude like Juan and Carlos. They don't focus on doing quality work, they are not willing to make an authentic engagement, they only focus on money but keeping a mediocre quality and in the discord chats they constantly complain against the curators because they don't receive votes.


But we also have users like Simon, who are constantly looking to improve the quality of their posts, who demonstrate a high commitment, who seek to help others with good comments and support projects that are mentioned in the communities, who also follow the rules and maintain good interpersonal relationships with other users on discord, and instead of complaining because he has no votes, he seeks to focus on establishing a brand that makes him more recognizable.


Receiving a vote or not in any publication, does not depend on magic formulas, time or luck, nor does it depend on whether the curators are biased or unfair because my content is not voted. NO, the vote of the curators depends rather on having an attitude like Simon, to do things with effort and quality and little by little you will be noticed, also avoiding completely the complaint and criticism because you do not receive votes, that is extremely mediocre and can put you in the blacklist of some curator.

Focus on creating something or contributing some beneficial idea to the community, for example

  • Badbitch last week posted a job he will do to catch scammers and keep the quality focus on leofinance.

  • LBI.token published an amazing initiative to help those who don't have a PC.

  • Arslan.leo started a LEO burning initiative which motivated me and now I also participate.

  • Onealfa started toruk to locate the most outstanding and exceptional posts.

  • Acentop started AskLeo to give the leofinance community the opportunity to ask questions.

  • Taskmaster started leotalk, a space where you can also ask questions on a daily posting (very good way to clarify doubts, 100% recommended).

So there are no excuses for not being like simon, because in Hive and leofinance we have many opportunities to do something that benefits everyone and you will see that the payments will come on their own, because they are a reward for your quality and dedication.

So let's be like simon...

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  • Be Like Simon!

This is a perfect explanation of what I was talking about in my recent post, about work and how it makes or breaks morale. You can clearly see a lot of these things on Hive as well.

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Exactly man, in fact after I read your post I saw again that you had posted the same idea as me, but first. So I took your advice and decided to publish my idea too, thanks for commenting.

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