Meet the new CATECOIN currency and how you can buy it.

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When I read about this coin this morning, I thought it was just another joke or a worthless shitcoin that would come to market, but after evaluating the characteristics of this coin and seeing how it has grown rapidly in the market in just a few hours, I became very interested in this project because I wanted to be a HODLer of this coin and take advantage of its initial phase, because who knows if in a few months it is on par with DOGE, I would be a millionaire hahaha.

CATECOIN, is a currency created for content creators or creators and memes, and the features that make it superior to DOGE are:


Also the burning system is something interesting, as it will eventually reduce the supply which will make it scarcer and eventually increase its value. There is really not much to talk about, as it is not complicated but if you want more information you can visit the CATEcoin FAQ HERE

Now comes the fun part, how to buy? Well, I for one had to lose a lot of commissions to guess how to buy, but the truth is very simple:

  1. You go to PanCakeSWAP following this link, and connect your metamask with pancakeswap and copy the contract address (0x118f073796821da3e9901061b05c0b36377b877e)


I do not know if you can make a swap with any other currency, but I did it with BNB, what it does is that it removes 0.003 in gas commissions, something high but compared to ethereum it is silly.

Important: In table 1 you configure the slippage to 3% so you can complete the operation and ready, you will be a CATECOIN holder and you will be helping the market to grow.

There are other ways to get it without investing, like faucets or the catecoin meme blog, but I think they are very slow ways to get this coin, besides with its low price it is much better to invest $5 and buy 6 million cate at once.

In conclusion I think it is a good investment, since shitcoins are in fashion now and although this project will not have the same price as ETH or BTC, if you can have some value equal to or greater than the DOGE as it has potential for the future, because with only a few hours of being launched and has a value of $0.00000158 and counting, but this started with a value of $0. 00000070 and as it is in its initial phase it is exciting to participate from now on because if it goes well then I get a great benefit, anyway I will invest what I am willing to lose so I plan to buy in this same week maybe 10 million CATE and keep it until it is worth $0.0005 and my investment of $10 multiplies to $5000.


This initial phase of CATE reminds me of the initial phase of LEO, that only those who believed in that project and invested $100 are seeing very good benefits now, because this is an excellent opportunity and it doesn't matter if I have to wait 1 year, I know it will be worth it.

This is not financial advice, do your own research.

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