Sunday Burn: A Leofinance initiative #2

in LeoFinance2 months ago

Who will beat_.png

Hi everyone, today I'm sharing my second Sunday burn participation, With this I intend to help to improve the Leofinance ecosystem,

If you want to participate in the easiest way, you just have to set the rewards of your publication to @null. This way LEO will be burned to make the ones we have worth more,

And another way is by voting everything you can to this publication, everything absolutely everything will go to @null.

This is an initiative started by @arslan.leo, let's make this initiative bigger. So if you want to participate you would be helping a good cause, and although the tokens burned so far exceed 2 million. We could raise that number even more.

Remember that every drop that everyone contributes fills an ocean. So why not vote this publication to the max?

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