What will be the next change in the world economy in 2021? My opinion.

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Without a doubt 202 has been a year with many surprises that none of us expected, to begin with things got really ugly with the arrival of the pandemic and the confinement and although little by little we adapted and overcame the adversities, it taught us many important lessons, it also taught us that we had to bet our money in order not to be overwhelmed with the world economic collapse. For example, everything related to the blockchain ecosystem, since it occupied the number 1 position in different occasions for overcoming many milestones, like the one that bitcoin is overcoming right now.

After seeing all the growth of the De-Fi, the Dapps, the surprising price of the crypto currencies among other things. And since the year is almost over, what will be or what will happen with crypto, dapps, de-fi and cryptomonies in the year 2021? Well, I want to give my opinion after I have learned, read, investigated and analyzed so many things.


Mass Adoption

Due to the security measures imposed by many countries, the world saw a massive economic collapse. And to try to solve it some countries printed money, but when there is accelerated printing of a currency a devaluation comes behind, this is already affecting many poor or developing countries that by using the dollar as a reference, their economy weakens more. It is now more common to hear that more and more people and institutions are using crypto currencies to protect the value of their assets, and MicroStrategy is the most popular example. And in the year 2021 this trend may rapidly quadruple, so we may finally see a better prognosis with cryptomonads.


Goodbye cash

If anything, 2020 has been characterized by the reduced use of cash, because it is a main focus of coid-19 transmission. That is why countries like Sweden have practically stopped using it and opting for electronic money, and in others like China already for some time have given more importance to digital money due to the ease of payment and the large costs of production or transport that has the physical money. In 2021 we will see this on a larger scale because with a new strain of the coronavirus arriving and with more and more people accessing the technology, money in physical will be less and less seen and of course when you have electronic money you have more facility to buy crypto, like bitcoin.


Dapps will set the trend

Ten years ago, my mother was annoyed with me because I was wasting a lot of time playing mini-games like friv or juegajuegos.com, but who would have thought that the games I play now generate an economic benefit, and not only to me, hundreds of thousands of people actually play the hundreds of games or blockchain-based, in fact if you look at the graphics of DappRadar you will realize that every month has a growth acceleration. And it's not just the games, the de-centralized social networks like this one are one of many that grow like a fire in a meadow in the summer. Since you get a real and fast remuneration for the activity you do and who does not like that, so I think that 2021 will be a year in which the Dapps will be the trend.

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Banks in bankruptcy

Who would say that the powerful banking institutions are slowly seeing their end, because now it is very easy to have money in an app or a wallet without making any use of the bank, and with the great acceptance that now you have the cryptomonies because we will see a system that gradually goes into decline. Although now it is very early to say that we did not need the banks, perhaps in a few years maybe 10, the use of banking institutions will be zero. But everything will be moving in a better direction from 2021.


The rise of tokenomics

This great bullish party in the world of crypto was the missing push to make more people prefer to tokenize everything, already people around the world are losing fear of cryptomonies and now they see them as a store of value, and the year 2020 was full of news about tokenization, for example atari, soccer clubs, the art industry, video games, music, tourism, etc. . in short, the list is very long, and as the year 2021 things look like they will remain the same in terms of the pandemic, the business or the industry that does not adapt to the new era of making money can quickly go bankrupt, so in the coming year we will see that big brands or companies threatened by the collapse of the economy will see a solution to tokenize their business.

Anyway, we are at the gates of great changes worldwide and although these are some of the things that can happen in 2021, there is still much to analyze that is entering a process of change, friends the future is today and you and I can erlo with our own eyes and be part of it, and if you are reading this from Leo Finance then you are on the right track. Remember that what does not adapt dies or disappears, thank you very much for reading, if you liked it I would love to hear your opinion, I hope you have an excellent day.

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