What would happen if you had invested $10 in Bitcoin weekly? An app that can help you.

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Bitcoin has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies to date, in fact many investors are after this currency due to its huge potential as a store of value and with a market capitalization higher than Facebook, Tesla and Alibaba, it has become the center of attention.

Many people recommend investing in bitcoin because they will get good dividends in the medium or long term, for example CNBC anchor Jim Cramer, mentioned that bitcoin made him tons of money and in a fast way. Jim invested $500K when BTC was trading at about $11K and now he has a profit including the investment of almost 2.5 million dollars.

Of course looking at reality, maybe neither you nor I have an investment of $500K, but if you could invest something smaller that suits you it would be just as profitable, for example @organduo mentions in his publication that making an investment in BTC can make you a millionaire if the price manages to reach the predictions of a million dollars.

But of course, you will become a millionaire if you invest in a full BTC, which right now is around $55K, obviously for an average person living in the US, with a family burden and an average salary of $70K a year. 54k USD is a lot of money and not many can invest that much, at least right away, and it becomes even scarcer especially if you pay attention to what experts recommend of investing no more than 10% of your total wealth.

That's why @organduo mentions that a $1000 investment is much more realistic (For a person living in a country with a stable economy where a monthly salary is more than $1200) But since most of us live in countries where the economy is a total mess or the salary doesn't even reach $800 a month, we can't even afford to invest $1000 in BTC.

But that obstacle with the unstable economy and a monthly salary of misery is not an impediment for anyone, because something very good about cryptofinance is that you can invest even the amount of $10 if you want, and that is not much, because even in Venezuela where the monthly salary does not even reach $2, I have seen people spend more than $25 every weekend in liquors. *** Of course everyone decides how to spend their money as they want, but this indicates that despite a water crisis there is still the monetary possibility of investing in something extremely profitable as cryptocurrencies.



As I said, if you could invest only $10 in cryptocurrencies weekly then in the long run maybe in about 2 years you would have good results. But if you are one of those who regardless of the ups and downs of the market, you would have invested about 7 years ago $10 a week and you were to continue with your investment, you would have much better results right now.

For example, if since April 1, 2014 you were to take the step of investing in BTC only $10 a week, how much would you have invested right now and how much would you have earned? Well this page I found that makes a time investment simulation "https://bitcoinhodler.io ", is an excellent tool because it shows you the return of your $10 weekly investment, although you can also configure it to see the return if you decide to invest more than $10 or if you do it monthly or yearly.


And as I said, you can set it up any way you want so you can see the return on your investment, and it works as follows:

  • 1: The amount of money that you think is the most appropriate amount to invest.

  • 2: The frequency with which you want to make the investment.

  • 3: The starting date.

  • 4: The current date, with which you will be able to see the yield of your investment until today.

  • 5: The amount of money you would have invested in total.

  • 6: Shows you the accumulated total including profits since you made your investment until now.

  • 7: Shows the bitcoin HODL.

  • 8: Shows the graph in relation to time and the growth in the price of BTC.

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Of course, this app shows us how much you would have if you had started investing in BTC a long time ago, and although maybe $191K in total is not much if you had invested 10 dollars a week every day, think of all the growth that is still missing, and this continues to climb and if you continue with the same constant investment of $10, if the BTC reaches a million dollars, you will be part of the bitcoin millionaires.

Remember, the important thing is not the amount but the constancy.

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