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RE: What 10 $LEO a day looks like in Venezuela (I invite you to do this)

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and the best thing is that your 10 LEO post earned you over 80 leo

thanks to this amazing community. I live in Switzerland and just bought 1 bottle of Cola and one of FANTA for over that amount...

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I'm in South Africa and 10 leo isn't going to get you much here either! Maybe a 2McDonald’s meals or a couple of snacks! Or a quarter tank of petrol which isn’t bad at all but other than that not much I could think of that would make sense to spend on

Well, here if it is imported it will probably cost the same as there.

And wow I can't believe it myself, I am very grateful to everyone who will support either with votes or comments.

Thanks for telling me what can be done in switzerland, at least I know that I will need much more than 10 leos to go there hahaha.

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