Beware of the Crypto-Scams

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As always when the crypto prices go to the moon more and more people are attracted to cryptoverse. Some of them wanna see what's up, others are eager to invest and others wanna find a new thing to blame.

The market cap of the cryptos reached 1 trillion and that's no joke. There are a lot of big players who want a piece of the pie but at the same time, there are a lot of scammers as well.

The more visibility cryptos are getting the more scammer we see day by day. There are many different kinds of scams that you need to be aware of and keep an eye on.

We got fake exchanges, fake coins, Ponzi schemes, misleading influencers, and social media scams. What you have to do in all these cases is to make your research first.

Try and read the whitepaper, read reviews online, ask other community members if you are part of a community like Leofinance/Hive for example. Don't just give your money without second thoughts except if you have that many and don't care. If you do give me some as well

The same can be applied to the crypto influencers. The majority of them either got paid to promote some "shitcoins" or simply have no clue as to what they say. For example "BTC WILL REACH 500.000 BY THE END OF 2021"

Last but not least there is the social media type of scams and i have seen a lot these past days. In that category, we can add the influencers and everything above but i wanna narrow it down to a specific case.

Let's say you are on discord, either part of a community or you have an account and you see these 2 messages


If you check those 2 are automated messages that we received pretty much together in a community channel. To begin with, trust me when i say this but if ETH did an airdrop like that, giving out ETH worth of 6000$ we would know :P

Also, there is a similar type of scam that goes like this. A fake social media account of a renowned exchange.


As you can see they ask for an eth address although in Binance you have to use your Binance id if they ask you... Also, note what happened after a while.


There was also another scammy account that i saw a week ago in which they supposed to give you 50000 STEEM for 0,1 ETH or 500000 for 1 ETH. In cases like these, you need to check if the account is the official account.

What Crypto-Scams have you witnessed?

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I don't understand people that are still falling for scams after all these years in crypto.

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free money is above everything i guess :P

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I was wondering about that binance account
But tell me, why is it bad to give your eth address? they did not ask for any other info...

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Katerina to give your public address it's not so dangerous but from this address, someone can see how much money have in your wallet and if you have a lot you can become a target for hacking.
The danger is if someone asks you for your private key, like in the first case.

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aa dn to 9era auto oti mporoun na doun ti exeis

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συνηθως σκεψου οτι μεχρι εκει πες ειναι κομπλε, το επομενο βημα ειναι να σου ζητησουν για τα gas fees κ καλα να τους στειλεις ενα χ ποσο για να λαβεις πισω το airdrop κ καλα

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Αν και ο δεύτερος μου κίνησε υποψίες παρασύρθηκα και συμμετείχα.

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μια απο τα ιδια, τουλαχιστον το καταλαβαμε οταν ζητησαν λεφτα :P

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But but but, BTC will reach 500,000 by the end of 2021

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I have this motto "Whoever gets scammed, probably deserves it" The internet provides us ways to get disinformed but it also gives us ways to know better and cross check what we know. Virtually anything that has to do with the promise of profit has to be cross checked. Safety and security of one's funds is top priority and this is money management 101.

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in a way i agree but i will exclude some older guys! i think it's way way harder for them to get all these informations and stuff!

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