How much You would Earn If you Invested in Hive 3 months ago

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Did you ever wonder how much you could have actually earned from Hive, have you invested 3 months ago? Don't worry i am here for you, to break down that earning potentials and show you how awesome Hive is and in general the whole ecosystem around Hive.

To begin with, during December of 2020 many people were frustrated about Hive's situation. Most of the cryptos around them started to pump while Hive was there alone at 10 cents.

Many users thought that we didn't actually have anything going on that will uplift the price of Hive and they were more annoyed by the fact that leo, a second layer Dapp with its own token built on Hive ecosystem was worth more. At the same time, they didn't quite understand all the technical updates in the core of Hive by @blocktrades.

Some users though, not only expected all of these but they kept telling people to chill and buy some Hive. I don't want to brag but one of those people was me. I had a more mild approach telling everyone to stop the whole fuzz not because i am extremely smart or something but because this isn't my first crypto rodeo.

Also, as humans, we tend to give more importance to "bigger" numbers. In other words, you see btc reaching from 25k to 50k and you are going crazy but you see Hive pumping from 10 cents to 40 and you still are frustrated.

Let's talk Numbers

Below you will see 2 different diagrams, the first one is the diagram of Bitcoin and the second one of Hive. Both of these show the last 3 month period of those coins.


BTC Diagram


Hive Diagram

Now let's take a closer look. In these 3 months, the lowest price that BTC reached was $24,522.69 and the highest is $61,683.86 which is a new ATH. Now, if we wanna see what that means by percentage, this is an increase of 151.538%. That means that if you invested back then you would now have around x2.5 your initial amount.

Say you invested $1000, you would now have $2500!

Now let's get to our beloved Hive. The lowest price that Hive reached was $0.1048 and the highest $0.8131. That is an actual 675.859%, can you comprehend that? That means that if you invest back then at 10 cents you could x7.75 your initial investment.

Say you invested $1000, you would now have 7750!

Can you see the potential of Hive now? and note i am only talking about Hive's price. It's not the only thing that happened in the ecosystem these months. Leo rose from less than 50 cents to 1$ so in other words, even you were active in certain tribes as well you would have even more earnings.

That's something that should be promoted everywhere in my opinion. Literally with Hive these past 3 months you could earn more than by holding btc, and Hive is just 1 year old!

All those data come from coinmarketcap so it's not something that came out of my mind, i just did the math above. If you have doubts you can check yourself. I won't say to all of you to invest on Hive whatever you have and such but i will say this:

Give Hive a chance, be part of it every way you can, by creating posts, promoting Hive, Curating, Delegating, creating projects etc etc. My personal opinion is that Hive is still way underrated but Hive isn't another unknown shitcoin.

It has a tremendous community that other coins would be jealous of and even Vitalik Buterin the found of Ethereum mentioned a while ago. You can read more on @geekgirl's post which you can find below.

Thoughts About Hive Never Leave Vitalik Buterin's Mind

I think by now if you read the post or at least the part with the diagrams and percentages you can grasp the situation and see for yourself what Hive is and can do. At the end of the day, the only thing i want from you is to have faith in this project and do anything you can to help it thrive!

What Do you think?

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HIVE is massively underrated and I am definitely buying some before April 1st. Have a good one bro!

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malakia p dn agorasa sta 10 lepta :P

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5x or even 2.5x is too good in 3 months

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while in banks you may earn 1%-2% per year :P

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Great thanks for the numbers.

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i am here for you :P

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It's been a fun ride on Hive so far this year!