My Statistics: Progress in a Month (Commenting,Posting)

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Yesterday i reached the reputation level of 68 something i never thought i would achieve a couple of years ago. That made me start wondering what my progress is in one month.

I am talking about one month, cause that was when i made a similar post like that and i think it's a good amount of time to check your progress. I am a curious person myself so i made some digging. Let's get started!


That was an image taken 1 month ago and you can clearly see my stats according to @hivebuzz. Let's see what's the bigger picture after one month.


As you can see i managed to increase each and every single one out of those options.. Let's take a more analytical look!


A month ago, when i was looking at my stats i had a total of 6000 Comments! My goal was to manage and increase that number to 6500 in a month


I accomplished my goals and even surpassed them greatly. I passed the 7000 comments barrier and even the 7500 one. I now have made around 7786 and i am very happy!


In a way, it's natural if you take into account that each week i am on @leo.stats top11 sorted by comments list! But to tell you the truth i never counted the number of comments i made, so that's why it came as a surprise!


Let's Talk Money

In my Hive wallet, i currently hold 5100 of Hive Power, so i think next week i may become a Dolphin. My goal is to reach 10k of Hive by the end of the year!


In My Leo account, i have around 1300 LP and my goal is to reach 5000 but it's tough. Now According to hivestats i see the following in a month's time.


I think those rewards are only the ones i got from Hive not both from Leo and Hive but i don't know. 115$ is close to nothing in my country but if let's say i have earned 200$ more from Leo then a total of 300$ would be like i work a part-time job!

Few Words Regarding Reputation

I am so glad i reached 68 of reputation organically. I never paid for a bot so i am really glad that i accomplished this level organically. For me as i have said countless times this means a lot. It's like it reminds me of all the hard work i had and have put in both Steem and Hive!

Do you keep track of your progress so far?

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I still don't really understand how reputation ,orks exactly but congratulation !

1700 comments in a month ! It's insane ! It shows that you deserve your earnings ! I tried to make more than before and only made 100 in three weeks 😅

don't worry it depends on the free time you have! Also, don't mind about reputation, it was supposed to hold a "value" but not anymore

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I didn't gave any attention to reputation. It's still pleasent to see it rising though

Haha omg i would like to have 1300 LEO POWER, and more before it reachs 1 LEO = $1 which i see close. And about posting and commenting, its really worth specially on leofinance. If you do these activities on hive you will get only dust.

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it depends on the community you write for. Some communities in hive can give you quite hive rewards!

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Congratulations! It's an important milestone and you must be proud of yourself, should even celebrate. 6500 comments? 7000? That is insane. Really insane! But well done!

Reputation is also important, however, you can never take anything for granted as there has been times and users abusing bidbots to build up their stake and reputation. Don't worry, the higher your reputation, the harder to get it higher :D

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Congratulations on your achievements on the Hive blockchain @filotasriza3

thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

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Most welcome @filotasriza3

BTW, I noticed I miss your witness vote 😢
Would you mind casting one to me? It would be much appreciated!

hahah i noticed the same as well and did it back then! :P

just for the sake of it though :P


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Thank you for your support @filotasriza3, much appreciated! 👍