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One of the big platforms for nfts is Wax atomic hub or simply Wax. They got their own crypto as well which is currently valued at 19 cents. There are tons of different projects there and the progress is amazing.

Around 6 months ago that i stumbled upon Wax there were literally 6-7 projects, maybe less and only 3-4 of them were well-structured ones. There are also some problems that are tied to the increasing amount of new accounts and bot activity. Check some stats below


Anyway, even though there are tons of projects and i can spend all day long talking about them, today i will only mention one that many of you may miss and it's quite important and useful as you can earn a passive income.

Passive income you say?

Damn, right i did! So one of the projects that you can find on wax is called R Planet. On R planet they got their native token which is called Aether and i has multiple uses. The top uses of the aether are the creation of "elements" which are basically nfts that you can merge together in order to create different nfts and either sell it on wax or stake them on r planet.

Yes you heard right, you can stake your nfts and this is quite awesome if you ask me. Not every nft project on wax is stakable and i bet there is some kind of fee or something in order to get your nft project become stakable.


That ofc means that your nfts will automatically become more valuable as you can earn money by staking them. Now staking is freaking awesome cause you may have some collection that you really like and don't want to sell them.

Isn't it better to earn some money along the way? Or you may have nfts that you can't sell or that you don't wanna sell with the current markets prices. Instead of having them sit there you can simply earn some money.

That's why the idea of staking is so awesome. Also, you need to know that the team behind rplanet have created a system with "aether" depending on the cards you stake. For example one card may give you 0.4 aether per hour and another 400 per hour. That is determined on many factors that i am unaware like for example rarities as i can speculate.

Let's talk about rcalculator

If i remember correctly i discovered rcalculator through a noise.cash post by @behiver and it's a quite straightforward and easy to use site. Before i show you more i need to tell you that you can easily swap your aether to wax and then trade that wax for usdt or whatever pair the exchange has.

So if you are staking some cards or you are thinking on doing so, you can easily go to https://rcalculator.net/ and check how much you will earn dailly, weekly and montly both in terms of wax as well as usdt.

Let me give you 3 different examples now. If you are someone that has close to zero nfts on wax and if you stake them you can earn around 20 aether per hour.


That translates to around 4$ per month which isn't bad for literally doing nothing and if you are from a poor country, you can buy something to eat 2-5 times!

Now let's take another posibility of earning around 500 aether per hour which isn't something hard to achieve to be honest, especially if you are into nfts.


100$ per month, not bad at all, in some countries it's a whole salary and even if you are from a mid-size country (regading wealth) or a wealthy one you can still do a couple of things with 100$. I for example can go 25 times to drink a coffee on a cafeteria or i can order a coffee home 50 times.

Now if someone earns 5000 aether per hour, which is something quite hard to be honest and it means that you have invested a lot of money in nfts because you can't be that lucky to earn so many nfts for free :P


We are talking about 1000$ per month, that's a salary in many countries and imagine earning it without doing anything. Now the prices of both wax and aether can change so it's not certain that these numbers you see will be relevant after a day, a week or month.

So what do you think about that and if you are already using it how much you earn?

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Glad to know that I'm now earning around $2 USD per month with R-planet.

I'm only staking few abundant cards from AlienWorlds and that doesn't pay so much, with 29 cards I'll at a rate of 8.7 per hour. Far from your first exemple of 20 per hour :')

that's because there are too many out there. for example i have one btco origin card which is the most common one and managed to get it through a trade, not buying it. That card alone gives me 20 aether per hour :P

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Oh, ok that's totally different ;')

But when you try to buy one from BTC origins, the first price are already $8 when abundant alienwords ones are $0.1

Finally, if you compare the price, it give approximately the same number of Aether per Wax

yeah no doubt, i bet the guys behind the project thought it quite good otherwise there would be no point and all of us would be rich :P

The good thing so far, at least for me is that through some blockchain games, giveaways and some luck if you buy packs and stuff you can stake and earn!

i earn around 100$ per month and have also earned around 600$ from wax without investing a single $ out of my pocket :P

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That's pretty huge :')

I'm already happy with my $2 per months out of nothing, mostly with TLM from AW and few little givaways. And a Token I have from nowhere sometimes I swap into Wax.

My next goals are to buy a tool that mine minute NFTs on AW and prey to get some. Now with my 0.5 NFT chances Tools, that Hurts

I am confused..
Is this just staking Wax?
What is the web page where you buy the tokens?
Where do you stake them?

this is where you stake


but you need to buy the nfts through there or have nfts there


you then earn aether which you could easily swap for wax

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how do you know your mining power to enter?

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