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RE: Liquidity Black Hole Theory and How it Now Applies to WLEO

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Oh man, i was out for a couple months, i come back and see so many updates ... it's crazy! you guys are doing great and you must work really hard. I keep watching different kind of developments in different aspects of Leo, the interface, the apps, Wleo, Hivepay!

I had to get so excited since the steemit sbd 10$ increase! I caught myself these 2 days since i came back, being in Leo for over 6-7 hours per day. I was years since i feel this hyped about a crypto!

Once again good work guys we are here to support your dream and make it ours!

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Thank you! Glad to hear you're excitement about the project. I think we're just getting started but also getting some recognition on our project. It's fun to see but lots of buidling yet to come ;)

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