RE: LeoFinance Met With an AI Marketing Agency | Let's Discuss Why We Should Hire Them or Not

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18k is quite the amount but with the fast evolution we got it's a must. As a user i 3 big benefits out of it and i really mean what i say:

  1. If we use all of the above as community we gonna see massive numbers of people getting in and ofc our posts will be more visible in google. From the perspective of new onboards, this is one of the point we are all trying so hard to achieve. More visibility=More People= New Ideas & Money!

From the perspective of more visibility except the above which greatly applies as an author, one of my main goal when i am writing something is for people to see and interact with me. I don't care so much about writing for money i extremely enjoy meaningful comments, that's what gives me motivation to write more!

  1. Honestly it's great that are gonna learn something new "for free" If we can use all these tools when creating our posts and basically given to us "for free" then i am more than excited to learn how it works and become an "expert". Either we like it or not SEO is needed in content creation so we better learn if we want to become better as community and authors!

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