What LEO reaching 60 cents means for the Hive Ecosystem

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Tell me just how you felt when you saw LEO reaching a new all-time high, that of 0,60$ I bet you felt that all of your dreams are a little bit closer than you imagined.

The thing is that LEO reaching that number is of great importance if you ask me. It's also funny that most people included me didn't expect that rise to happen so soon. Ofc eth and the rise of cryptos played its role hugely!


Ofc now the price dropped a little bit to 0,52$ but that's not the point here. Get ready cause in that awesome post, made by the awesome me i will highlight what that pump and new ATH means for the Hive ecosystem.

Heck Hive has a small pump as well


The Meaning

The Meaning for the Current Members

It's time to tell you or better to highlight the true meaning of LEO's new ATH price for the Hive Ecosystem. To begin with, all the current members of the platform gained a huge motivational boost after checking on the price or hearing the good news.

Especially, the ones that invested in this since the beginning, i bet they will be happier than most of us and they should be. Also, all of us that came a bit later to the party, and invested our time in the platform, saw our earnings almost tripled.

That made us all extremely happy and eager to write and contribute more to the platform. We all want this to work and not entirely for our sakes but for the sake of the whole Hive Ecosystem.

LEO reaching 0.60 cents is freaking awesome but it won't pay my bills for now and the same applies to half the members there, maybe even more. My total account value of 0,60$ is close to 780$ which is a month's salary in Greece.

In other words, it doesn't make any difference to me and i am not here to cash out any time soon. On the other hand, there are people in poorer countries that have already cash out some bucks and they are doing it regularly. IT'S TOTALLY OK!

I am so glad to see crypto actually help people in real life, that's the ultimate purpose to manage and live out of cryptos and many are already doing it. These people via word of mouth will share the news with their friends and say hello to new onboards!

The Meaning for Hive

As i have said multiple times Hive and Leo are together on this. So when LEO price keeps breaking their ATH constantly it gets more visibility. That visibility means new onboards and new users that join our platform won't stay on LEO only.

You see the majority of these users will join because they wanna find a way to earn money online. That doesn't mean they particularly enjoy writing about finance posts though. Soon they will learn about the other tribes and join the one more suitable to their tastes. WIN-WIN

The Meaning for other Tokens

We have so many tokens in the Hive ecosystem right now which isn't bad at all. All the communities and tribes are trying to do the best for their people and attract others with the same mindset.

Now when all of these token holders and other tribes see what LEO has accomplished they shouldn't feel jealous or something similar. They need to understand that LEO showed and open the path of success.

It Showed everybody what a tribe can achieve if they work hard and are dedicated to achieving greatness. In other words, it showed the opportunities that exist and the potential all of the communities have.

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Heck Hive has a small pump as well

2.2% ... Hive has really set a low bar, huh :D

I mean I wish the LeoCommunity all the best. I actually enjoyed Steemit a lot because I used to learn a lot bout Crypto and Finance through the site so having Leo as the ice breaker for hive might be a good thing.

Now we only need the German and Politics Tribe to do well and I am all happy.

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same here!

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I will give you my point of view, and with this I do not mean that I am against yours, they are simply different ways of looking at the subject due to geography, the increase in the price of LEO to $ 0.60 comes from wonders for people like me, that we are part of this and we live in very poor countries, like Venezuela, I have plans to migrate and start again in another place with better opportunities and for that I need money, and a large part of that money will come from Hive and, from time to time, from LeoFinance, and the increase in the price of the token, even for a few cents, I like it wonderfully

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Good luck with your plans to get somewhere better!

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I hope we can help you to achieve that goal quickly.

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That's what crypto was created for in the first place. To make changes in people's lives, not to buy Lambos and expensive champagne.

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Thanks @tbnfl4sun, @taskmaster4450le, for the good wishes I'm working hard to make it come true. That the opinion of @acesontop is totally correct, for anyone who can become a crypto millionaire, hopefully and achieve it, but the real objective is that, to create a financial freedom that practically anyone can take advantage of to make a profit

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yeah i get it, i mention it in my post as well! Hope you achieve your goals!!

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We need a highest price of a token and $LEO will be worth soon. How about US$1?


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Selling my Leo now is not a good idea for me as I believe it's still undervalued.

I also want to grow my stake as much as possible to start earning from curation and to help new users to grow.

We'll see what happens when micro-blogging comes in.

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yeah don't sell hodl!!

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$1 LEO by the end of the month... :)

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let's see i hope you are right, or wrong in case it moves further up :P

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It was nice to see the higher price, A slow and steady rise is great for stability, no need to dump into rallies. I know my eyes popped out when I looked at my wallet.

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hahahah same here :P

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Tell me just how you felt when you saw LEO reaching a new all-time high,

I had no idea about it, to be honest. I don't check $ value, only Hive - Leo Price as I'm sometimes converting some of my liquid Hive into Leo.
So for me it's nothing special, business as usual as I'm not planning to cash out anything. It only makes harder to get Leo for Hive and that's not exactly pleasant. I'd have loved for Leo to stay at around 2 Hive for a while :)

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It went back down to .50 so it didnt stay there long.

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hahah we all have our own agendas :P

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I didnt see it so no feeling.

As for what it does, it is better than nothing but the case with Leo is obviously a liquidity squeeze. There is not enough of it out there to keep up with demand.

This stems from the fact there is confidence in Leo and what is taking place. That is a good thing. Over time, it will affect things in that people will have more resources to pursue other things such as buying Hive and other tokens.

In the end, it all can feed into the same pool.

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