What the hell is Happening with Dogecoin?

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Yesterday when i checked on coinmarketcap and coingecko i couldn't believe my eyes. Dogecoin managed to surpass 10 cents something that nobody believed it would, including me.

Today its price is 26 cents and i really can't figure out why. At first, i thought that Elon did a tweet or something to pump the price but turns out i was wrong.

He actually did a tweet but that was after dogecoin surpassed the 10 cents milestone. So i bet he had something to do with that pump as well!


Also, i bet that Elon along with others that hold dogecoin since it was 1-2 cents or even before that, will now be quite rich for sure. I had around 2k of dogecoin that i sold for around 100$ profit. Now those 2k would worth 520$ but that's life.

I know people that had more than 10k of dogecoin and sold them when doge reached 1 cent. Anyway, you know that nobody can actually predict what will happen on the markets next, no matter how many diagrams they will try to read.

The main reason why nobody can make predictions, especially by reading diagrams is that the market doesn't work that way. People are behind the markets, people will billions worth of crypto that can easily manipulate the markets.


So leave the predictions i would say, except if you know people like that, then share the secrets with me. Anyways, dogecoin was a coin that basically, create for pure fun.

Yeah you heard right, it was a troll coin that made fun of all the other ones. It doesn't solve a problem or helps nowhere and we are the ones that actually giving value to it. To add to that even the team behind decided to dump the project so imagine that.

Now i think they got back because of profits but that's a story for another day. To tell you the truth i won't buy any doge, maybe i am foolish maybe not, only time will tell.

By the way, do you know why the price pumped so hard? maybe you know something i don't or missed! Also, please share your stories of how much you earned with doge, how much you lost and if you bought now with the pump, i am really curious!

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I just sold at .40 cents

I bought as a half joke at .05 - .06
Like 10 days ago

Just traded for Hive 👍

you had the best deal i can say!!

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I think it's a bubble lol! It's supposed to go up again tomorrow, so buy the dip.

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info that worth money, i like it :P

I know right? FML

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