CineTV Social Media Graphics & Memes!

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Twitter Post


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Social Media Post


Social Media GIF

Copy of Cinetv.gif

Another great Project from 'The Mancave Project' - CineTV. Like Films & TV? Create content, discuss & earn crypto. Hold LEO & BRO tokens for the Airdrop of the Token CINE. They have a 5 day Payout Period as compared to rest of the Tribe Tokens which is cool. Post the above graphics on your social media profiles to invite more people!

Meme 1


Meme 2


Meme 3

Watch Films TV.png

Untitled design.png





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Great graphics! I'm looking forward to seeing these used in posts!

Thanks a lot @mel010100-cinetv. Me too. Cheers!!

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Awesome, hoping a few people will use these!

Thank you so much @agr8buzz. I hope so too. ;) At least I am going to.

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cool curated #cine bear account

Thank you so much @bearbear.cine! Glad you liked it.

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