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RE: The Frustrations of On-Boarding

in LeoFinance2 months ago

I've been on the blockchain for coming up four years. There's still stuff that confuses me. There's a lot I don't know. I was so intimidated at first, I disappeared for well nigh six month until I was lured back. And then I got phished. Somehow, with the help of people like @nickyhavey and the folk in @hivewatchers and the @exxp Wordpress plugin, I was encouraged to hang around.

That the @hivebuzz team is developing a tour/roadmap is very helpful. I believe it deserves support and is long overdue. It's being developed by a credible team and which has the interests of the blockchain and the community at heart.

I know that there are some onboarding communities - here and on the other iteration of this blockchain, and at the risk of annoying people, I am uncomfortable with some of the practices and the tone used with redfish.

I will pop over and welcome @amy-explores

I think this remains an important issue that needs discussion. Thanks @slobberchops