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RE: Would you people quit your job if you could somehow earn the same amount of money each month but from a different source?

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I was recently offered to join a writers collective. $0.04/word,but topics defined by client, of course. Contrarily to many they were OK paying in crypto.

Now, while not top echelon, $0.04 isn't too bad a deal. The pitch was "we will not send you requests below 500 words" and they knew I'm mostly a news and opinion writer, averaging around 900-1,100 words, which fits in the modern journalistic standard.

Of course, I did expect the odd more tedious task. And they didn't let wait long for themselves, as I had agreed on an evaluation period. The evaluation being me assessing the orders sent my way.

Soon it was obvious that the gig would mostly be writing referential content, long-form referential content. The pay would start at on average $1,800 minimum at an almost daily activity level. Depending on how skilled and good you are, that could double. The best people could make $1,800 in 15 days only.

Would you take it? Minimum $1,800 monthly with option to double.
Remember this is on a self-employed basis so you have to file taxes and take care of your health insurance. This is gross revenue.


I rejected because the demands would mostly be +3,000 words referential articles to be delivered within 48 hours. To me that seemed pretty much sweatshop work.
I also wasn’t looking for anything like that level of commitment.

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