RE: New LeoFi Products, Snapshot Announcement, CUB Tokens and BEP20 LEO


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I am so confused - in a good way. Luckily I bought plenty of LEO during the last days. So I will need staked LEO to get CUB (although is not clear yet what it is being used for). And I need liquid LEO to probably add liquidity to the bLEO pool? I assume we need a second token for the pool in a ratio 1:1, just as it was the case on UniSwap with ETH and WLEO. What other token will we pool against? Binance Coin (BNB)? Since it is no geyser, I assume it matters not whether we pool early?

And then we need to save at least some funds to buy ProjectBlank tokens... So many options. I like it!

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