RE: LeoFinance Met With an AI Marketing Agency | Let's Discuss Why We Should Hire Them or Not


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This sounds like a fascinating tool but as others have pointed out, the actual advantage for LEOfinance is uncertain. I also don't really like the idea that only the top authors would get access and then even have to leave the website to go somewhere else, to return later with some strategies for their posts.

Instead, I would rather see some basic SEO tools within the LEOfinance editor, that will point out some fundamentals to ALL authors, just like any SEO plugin for Wordpress does. This could already help a lot and could be further incentivized somehow. In regards to find valuable topics and analyze content on LEO and from competitors, there might be hive-mind strategies possible, that do not require such an investment and be also more transparent and engaging. I am sure there are many excellent brains among us, that know one or two things about how to drive more traffic from search engines to LEOfinance.

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