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RE: Don't buy the hype of STEEM airdrops - Think smart

in LeoFinancelast year

Considering all the devs are on Hive I am pretty positive that any other fork is going to be crap. My only concern at this point is getting all my SP out of that place and sold off. I couldn't care less about further airdrops. Hopefully people aren't fooled by the charade and keep yanking all their steem out to sell.

Keep the power downs to tether going for sure.


Sweet, that's 1 thumb up :)

They say HIVE has 80 people working on it, im not sure how true that is but i knew they will not run out of people looking to step up and fill empty spots.

It could be simply JS Lackeys, doing airdrops on occasion, to keep people invested...
Good Points, Flem!

All the devs are on hive for sure.
Some claim 80 cool
Please could you point out what they are doing?
One has copied pasted a shit version of steemworld will give you that👍
What else?
Whats new?
If your having trouble with that question have a look at the hive proposals that should give you an indication of what they are doing.
In short systematically raping the proposal system.
Powering down obsene amounts and pushing to be listed on as many exchanges as possible👍
Any have decent proposal which could result in some kind of onboarding is getting no funding what so ever.