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RE: LEO Authors Are the Most Rewarded Users on Hive | December Author Reward Leaderboard + Dev Updates

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"What I'm tracking - and what many other in the community like to track - is the widening of the distribution relative to the previous months. Compare LEOs distribution to something like Bitcoin or even Hive and it may not look as healthy - since the platform is far younger and far smaller. Compare LEOs distribution to itself in the prior months and you'll see that we continue to grow our user base and the the width of rewards."

It's great to see that a wider distribution is always front of mind. All stakeholders in LEO have a responsibility to help with this distribution during their curation and engagement efforts.

I'm happy that the stake I've built continues to help with the wider distribution of new tokens. All I want to see is you take the time to engage (I reply to and reward all comments on my blogs), or put in some consistent effort to talk about actual finance/trading topics rather than just the LeoFinance platform itself.

Keep up the great work everyone, this little rally is only just the beginning!

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