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RE: Looking at alternative investing options - investing in art part 2

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I'm certainly not rich enough to be diversifying into art as an investment, but I've always been interested.

The biggest issues for me are the same as yours, where I have no idea what I'm getting, how popular the market is and how easy it is to move it on once I need to.

"Art" is such a broad term, but I'm sure there would be certain artists or sets that have a definite following and therefore would be easier to move when you need to?

Do you know exactly what they were trying to flog you? Like artists, exact paintings, styles? Or you just get what you were given?

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They select from artists who have a known track record of sales and popularity. And only purchase paintings from $15k upwards. There are independent valuations etc so it all sounds pretty legit.

I just don’t like it as an investment option. At least I wouldn’t buy into it until I have a significant base of assets that are generating a decent passive income.

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