Ground Breaking Milestone for Crypto and Blockchain Technology

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One Trillion of Market Capitalization

For the first time in history, cryptocurrency is estimated to have reached an astonishing one trillion US Dollars in market capitalization (according to


This is a legendary moment for crypto. Something that for many will be now remembered and that for many of us was already an anticipated moment and maybe a surprise for a few, on who from now on will surely capture a bit more of attention.

With a pumped dominance by BTC (around 2/3's), most markets are bullish at the moment. Might COVID19 be helping here too? Most surely yes. Will, at most create some pressure.

Many skeptical minds would say this is just a tiny drop compared with FIAT capitalizations, and that this does not even represent any big shift on financial economies. Although, if you compare the same statement 5 years ago, when the coverage of crypto-enabled technologies and services around the world was not yet dominated by the same current ability to include crypto payments in any online or physical store, it becomes clear where the future promises hedge dominance in terms of money technology capitalization.

It's just a matter of time!

I am posting this as to both create awareness and to celebrate the epic moment 🤑

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What a huge milestone! Sooo curious to see how 2021 will unflod cryptowise... I think we're going to have a great crypto year!

Indeed... I am super bullish too, and getting ready to take some profits before sticking to the remaining HOLD. All I ask is for this to keep going through my winter a least, so I can justify to wife some noise to heat up the house that actually pays back more than actually costs. 😂

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Forgot about the !BEER and !WINE thing =) yooooohooooooo!

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Everyone is posting on Twitter! LOL impressive...

Here the one from cointelegraph:

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May be it cant be touched again.

What you mean?

Why do I have the feeling that this one trillion is just the heavy lift warm up?...

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Oh... from my perspective it was just a psychology barrier and a reasoning argument that fiat absolutists used against crypto (and now can't). Either way, its also a good demonstration of the capacity of the technology in adapting as it goes... fiat can't evolve (or could not) this fast because it would always dependent on slow processes and international relationships. With crypto, crosses many barriers at those levels, but also brings new challenges to the table.

It is one of the most crazy inventions of history in my opinion that will provide efficiency and faster evolution to many other technologies. It was a necessary step into values exchange for human race.

We're making History!
Digital era is winning the match!

Indeed... feels so fricking good all the blurts idiots thrown me 7 years ago. So happy 😃