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RE: System Collapse? .:. dCity Investment Progress

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I don’t understand why people get stressed about this. For me it’s a huge opportunity to buy cheap SIM.

People wanna make continuous streams of income without understanding the attributes of the game.

For example... how long would it take for the ranking pool to get exhausted? What would happen if SIM goes near 0? I can tell you something for sure...

I will be buying tones of it!

I know it’s hard for new players to think long term. But I would say that at the moment it might be one of their best investments. I would be crazy 😜 if I could start dcity with these prices!!!

I paid a lot more than this.


I am with you on this. I am not selling SIM only buying more cheap cards that people are dumping

I paid a lot more than this.

That was exactly my thought when I wrote that pulling out wouldn't be enough... so, diving deeper... :)

Just bought a couple of factories... Or someone put the wrong price, or I just was lucky to catch it... I have solved my unemployment rate... lol...


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Having bids is supper cool for catch ups that sometimes are almost free. 🤩

I have never used them... Will poke around and see how it works...

oops... I missed the upvote slider... You just got a 100% CTP upvote :P

Damn... you have lots of those mate! Hopefully I will accumulate some too once COM starts feeding some.

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