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RE: The Frustrations of On-Boarding

in LeoFinance • 2 months ago

I know how it feels, I have been lot in this shit do 🤭😂😂 some times I think how it can be hard to use 3 codes . And they say it is easy to use instagram or facebook.... what f..k :))) Facebook-Instagram-Twitter they make these pages as easy as possible. That when you leave their system, the rest of the new pages out there becomes so difficult and difficult to understand even if you are highly educated even though these new things are very simple to use.( This means they will be manipulated you to come back to on simple system pages what they have and they will be able to further collect your personal information for free )The people inside the old systems don't realize that they have been programmed for years to do this shit.


The keys are completely alien. I had to explain that the keys are your passwords.. kind of.

YEs they look like Aliens first time :)) , but if you use them for a while, you will start to see that it is not complicated, it was just scary ideas in your head what maid it look scary, and in the new system the people are always scared to try something new.
The only thing is to not force it on them, then they will refuse everything :)))

Also if you can Give them Ecency app or Ecency on the laptop , it helps them to go in like they going in old pages ;)