Going for the 1BCH club!

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Exactly 2 months ago, on January 7th, I registered my account on Noise.Cash. Since then I’ve been creating about 4 or 5 posts a day. Some days a bit more some days less.
Never before had I really used a micro blogging platform. Yes, I followed some people on Twitter, but never posted my own content.

The start

It was at the end of December when I started reading posts about Noise.Cash; a microblogging platform where users were given some daily Bitcoin Cash tip money to content other users post.
It took a while before I was able to create an account. When I finally got an account I connected a wallet and started posting. My main subjects are photography, crypto and games. Soon the and the micro payments began to flow in. Although the payments were low I really got enthusiastic. I started following fellow Lions on Noise.Cash and engaging with people that reacted on my posts.
These frequent posts and engagements resulted in a lot of followers. In just two months time the number of followers has grown to 466!


The increase in followers also resulted in more tips and gaining on my post.
I managed to gather over 0.14 BCH already. Unfortunately I lost a part of this due to network fees I had to pay for transferring my BCH to my Nexo wallet (I wanted to earn some interes over my BCH). What's left is 0.12 BCH.
I was quite impressed how I could earn this amount of BCH in such a short time.

The 1BCH club

A while ago I read a post about the 1BCH club; a club of people that have earned 1BCH on Noise.Cash, Read.Cash or other sites.
Since this microblogging thing really grabbed me and I'm really having fun on Noise.Cash is set myself a goal to join the 1BCH club.

So when will I be able to join this club?
I've earned 0.14 BCH in two months. When I take into account that the number of followers will keep increasing, the tips will probably also increase.

If I manage to increase my income with 0,01 BCH every month I will have 1 BCH at the end of October, so that’s what I’m aiming at now.
When I can keep attracting new followers at the same pace as I do now it should be possible to have 2000 followers at the end of October.
It really sounds like an amazing amount, but we’ll see if I can make it!

Here's the current progress:
I have:
0,1279247 BCH which is 12,8% of my goal
466 followers which is 23,3% of my goal

I hope I will be able to achieve these goals.
Dp you have any Noise.Cash goals?

If you want to see what I’m doing on Noise.Cash, just follow me: https://noise.cash/u/FriendlyMoose



I'm crypto and security enthousiast with a passion for photography that likes to play games.

Follow me on noise.cash: FriendlyMoose
My photos on Wax: wax.atomichub.io
I play Cryptobrewmaster
I play Sorare Fanstasy Football
I'm using Binance to trade crypto

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Hi, I am also in read cash and noise cash, noise cash doesn't give me much but read cash is a good platform to earn, just hopping to increase my followers, you should check out Publish0x too, it is not a BCH platform but you can earn ETH, FARM and AMPL, you always have the option to convert it to BCH in an exchange.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 47 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks for the tip, I will check it out

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Good luck. I have 0.08 so far.

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Keep it up!

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I'm at around 4% of the goal, lol.
See you at the top!