Leofinance top 20 Witness Campaign Banner!

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A couple of days ago I read a blog of @geekgirl who started a campaign to get Leofinance into the Witness top 20. Witnesses play an important role in the decentralized governance of the Hive Blockchain.
They create the blocks needed for the creation of the content. Witnesses can influence the decisions that are mode for the Hive platform.
If you want to know more about the importance of Witnesses and being a top 20 witness you should really read @geekgirl's blog:

By reaching out to Leo holders that hadn't voted on the Leofinance, their witness managed to climb from spot from 26 to 28 already, but there is still a large gap to the number 20.


Since I like this initiative I decided to try to create some more visibility for the Leofinance witness in another way. So I came up with a banner. You've already seen the banner above the post and from now on I will add this banner to all of my posts.
The banner is clickable and will redirect you to Hivesigner to cast a vote on the Leofinance Witness.
Feel free to copy the image and use it under your own posts to support this initiative as well.

Be sure to link it to:


Let's see if we can make Leofinance in the top 20 Witness!



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It's so difficult to get a majority of every day users to actually vote or understand witnesses. It has gotten better but still a long road to go. LeoFinance will be in there for sure!

If 'the system' doesn't change we should create awareness ourselves. Every little bit helps :)

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They are definitely becoming one of the shining stars of the Hive ecosystem. I agree, it's about time they get into the top 20 as they are doing as much as anyone to promote and grow the platform.

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I certainly agree!

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voted with both accounts :), until the whole witness system is revamped it will be hard to convince people to care.

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Cool! Awareness is key until then...

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 49 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Your name should be BUSYMOOSE hahah you are such a great role model and the drive is aanstekelijk hahahah ik zal ook kijken of ik kan wisselen van WV

Ik verveel me inderdaad niet; er is nog genoeg te ontdekken 😄

Just added a new witness yesterday too. I'm getting to know more and more witnesses and the things they do to improve the platform.

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I write a blog about it every two months did you read the last one ?

I don't remember, but I read one before and it taught me about the importance of witnesses.
I've been adding them since then. I almost have 30 now 😊

That's the one that informed me about witnessess. I registered my account back in August.

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Great well , 30
Is a must, looking for and adding to your dashboard is a must they block for us we blog because of them.

I think accounts with no witness votes are wrong.
And yes I do change every once in a while when production of blocks stopped for one of my choices. I do understand that sometimes life takes prio but than I change my vote to someone who does produce. Loyalty is there just not always the same 30

Here are some more VLFW banners as well :D

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Those are cool as well. Have you seen them being used?

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Cheers :) ......err, not really, although I've used them a few times on my LF posts and I think there is at least one other who uses them now and then. 👍

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Another one for #leofiance.
Keep them stacking.
We will get there.

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