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RE: Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | BRAND NEW SUMMER CHALLENGE - 100 DAYS OF SAVING BACKWARDS! | Week 16 - Saturday 17 April 2021 - Win EDS Tokens for Comments!

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😀Congrats to @missaj and @solymi.
Lastweek @justclickindiva encouraged me to get on a saving plan. I haven’t hopped on yet but want to do so.
This week was really busy. I went back to work and things were in full swing. Always nice to catch up, engage and see what’s happening on hive.


This is your chance @fruityfruitz - just 100 days, easy peasy, lemon squeezy :)

Haha! Thanks @shanibeer . @missaj and @bearmol, what are we waiting for? Are you in?

@shanibeer Just to clarify. Is the idea behind this to save more at the beginning and reduce your daily savings as your approach the 100th day?

Hi @bearmol - yes, that's right. For this 100 days challenge you start with the highest amount (1 Hive/pound, for example), then decrease by one small unit (penny/cent) each day until the 100th day when you save 0.01 (1 penny/cent).
It's a fun experiment 🙂, where you would save 50.50 over the period, build your savings skills and maybe win some tokens (LBI, SPI, EDS in this case).
I was trying to work out incentives (when you reach a certain target, you automatically win a token, for example), but I couldn't get my head around it yesterday! Maybe I'll work on that for another challenge later in the year hehe.

@shanibeer Thank you. It’s a little bit clearer now. Looks like I would have to return to 50.50 earlier than I planned. But I suppose it’s time anyway. It seems like such a waste of time to transfer HIVE to Savings daily though. I’ll just make a spreadsheet and transfers the amount to savings at the end of 100 days.

You don't have to put the Hive actually into savings. You could power up that amount each day instead. You could keep a screenshot each day when you power up, if you wanted to, but a sentence or two in a short comment here once a week would be enough. It's for your benefit, so whatever works for you.

I read you loud and clear @shanibeer. Thanks 🙏. I’ll simply continue on my 100% HP path until I get to 1000HP then I’ll switch back to 50/50.

Sounds like the perfect challenge!

😁 👌 🔥

Here's a good post to inspire you @fruityfruitz @missaj @bearmol 😍

Thanks. 😃

Gonna put these 500 yen coins to the task.

I’ll have a read and see what can be done.

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Thank you. 😀