Ease of Use. Investments for the Masses.

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We live in a world where the ease of use is king.

At least when we talk about big numbers, not niches.

Before one sees the content, one will use / interact, at least minimally, with an interface that shows the content.

Interface not easy to use - content not the king.

But I believe most of us agree on this already.


How about investments for the masses? What do they want? That's right: ease of use. Plus something more: trust and security.

Individuals, not masses, will go through hoops to make a certain investment, or time it just right.

When big online businesses push crypto as an alternative to their clients, that's a big plus, because those clients don't need to get acquainted to another interface to use crypto. Ease of use that should benefit crypto space as a whole.

At the same time, when new structured businesses are built on top of existing businesses in crypto that's a sign of progress in my opinion. Because the structured products / businesses usually cater to either investors with little time or those who don't have a clue where to invest in the first place.

Today opened up the gates for the issuing of LBI tokens on Hive-Engine. LEOBacked Investments is managed by the same team who created and manages the @SPInvest fund, which already has a significant history of successful long term strategy management.

A few days ago (but only today I found out myself) @jongolson and his partner @blainjones on CTP and many other projects, created an INDEX token on Hive-Engine, which includes a few of the tokens with the highest volume. And a regular person likes indexes, isn't it? Because it's simple, and someone else does the work for them. You can see the details here.

To me both these projects are signs of filling growing demand. While DeFi has been a great catalyst, it's also showing there is need for alternatives and / or evolution of existing DeFi projects themselves, for a better adoption.

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Appreciate the shout out man....Yeah we're having a blast so far with INDEX.

And with things like BRO, LBI, SPI and INDEX too...We're starting to see the massive potential of these projects. Loving it!

Yeah, should've caught INDEX much sooner, but notifications weren't what they used to be and distractions always get us if there isn't something to pull our sleeve.

Wow, an index on Hive-Engine serves the same purpose as an index on the stock market and may be a good way of diversifying ones investment if one isn't partial to a particular tribe. Thanks for the info, nice post!

Exactly, and what a great idea Jon and Blain had! Plus, they can integrate it into HivePay as well, so people could in fact make payments with an index token instead of individual tokens. Thanks for dropping by!

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