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RE: Happy 1 Year Anniversary! | Incoming Token Airdrop for LEO Stakeholders and Year-In Review

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Congratulations for the milestone and the constant progress!

Your little airdrop thing gave me a push to invest enough to go over the 1k threshold as opposed to earn it little by little as I've done until now.

Also delegated a little bit to leo.voter earlier today.

I noted your conservative prediction for LEO from a while back: 60 cents per LEO in 5 years. ;-)

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Yes I watched that video also. That seems like a very conservative estimate over the next 5 years.

Of course, the ROI was just increased by this airdrop. Whatever is received in SPI pays weekly dividends in HIVE. So over the next 5 years, some HIVE will come into your wallet each week just by holding the SPI token which was given just for stake over 1,000 LEO.

What an awesome deal. 😁

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Thanks! The community has grown to greater heights than I think anyone could have imagined. We'll keep pushing forward and will make the rest of 2020 both surprising and productive.

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