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RE: Have you been scammed

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Do rug pulls count as scams? I read a few weeks (?) ago about PolyGold on Polygon/Matic in LeoFinance discord. I threw a few bucks in it, less than 50$, without checking anything. Their 'proposition' was interesting, but nothing was done beyond the forked contracts. A few days ago the dev pulled the rug. Funny thing is that I ended up slightly in profit after the rug pull. But I heard some may have lost 6 figures of investments or so.

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Huh... If you were in the profit after a short time, that means that it was too good to be true.. :) Glad to hear that you finished in profit, though...


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Nah, I just insisted after the rug pull, when I couldn't break my LP into the component tokens (or didn't know how - their token wasn't directly supported on the main Polygon AMM, the equivalent of PancakeSwap or Uniswap), and that way I earned some of their token when it had astronomical APY and still a value around 2-3$, which I swapped for USDC or Matic.

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