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RE: First Popularity Points in 2nd City .:. dCity Investment Progress

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The first what I have done when I opened my editor here in LeoFinance to write this post was to check the official DCity Game account for news and updates... There was none, and the last post was from 14 days ago with the legendary release dates of 3rd edition cards...

I'm not trying to make any excuses for them, but I read about this some more on their discord a while ago. Seems like 3rd edition will be launched on time (or so I read from @gerber then), the UI was postponed a bit because they haven't finished the new market page yet. Otherwise the captures he shared on discord from the new UI looked nice.

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Seems like 3rd edition will be launched on time

That is good news! Let it be like that!!!
I will hold YOU responsible if It doesn't happen... :P :)


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Oh, I hope I won't create false expectations. I guess we will all see.

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