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This was about to be another post about something in Hive gaming that excited me yesterday. And I'll still mention it later on.

But looking back on my recent posts, I just realized that apart from the long periods of lack of communication, I did talk too much about gaming. And that's unfair. Expecially now, since I significantly reduced the time I spend playing/managing games.

We, in crypto land, had a great 2020, didn't we? Despite what was going on offline. And it is likely to continue troughout 2021, if nothing major happens, even if we have quite a volatility right now.

Watching my portfolio go up monthly with percents that can be ok as annual returns is exciting. And that despite the price of Hive, which is lagging for now.

That's actually a problem for me... excitement. One reason why I couldn't be a great investor. I have a problem controlling emotions.

My greatest challenge for when the time comes (probably around the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021, but could be earlier), is to be able to take the right decisions, and exchange volatile crypto to stable ones (or fiat), unlike in 2018.

Until then, I don't think I'll try to 'ride the waves' in any way. I've been burned too many times trying that.

I saw many people I know from here or elsewhere are trying to expand their areas of research, interest and potential investments.

I do that as well. Unfortunately I discover the more I do it, the less focused I become, which is obviously a bad thing. Working on improving that...

Lately, huge things happened or are about to happen on Hive:

  • the growth of LEO-centered apps (added first because of its power of example)
  • the decentralization of Hive-Engine
  • the decentralization of 3Speak
  • increasing interest in investment-based programs/tokens (potential base for the future defi on Hive?)

On the gaming side, things are obviosly moving forward, and I predict we will have an interesting 2021.

Since I smoothly reached this point, here's what excited me yesterday. In my Dcity, I discovered the first two technologies.

They are the GMO Farming and the Better Documentation Practice technologies, of which I believe only the first helps me. But it's great, I had Education maxxed out for a while and I started to think maybe I chose the wrong strategy to focus on technology discovery.

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Here both are good, as better documentation practice let's you discover other technologies faster. You don't need to focus on the first ones, as they are coming very fast. The other are much more valuable and are very seldom. I try to focus on one line as the end of the line you would find it in theory in 400 days as it appears only in 1% of the findings and a finding you have in 4 days..

Better Documentation Practice will be also used in the Central Banks when they appear and will be burned at creation. :)

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Here both are good, as better documentation practice let's you discover other technologies faster.

So, Better Documentation Technologioes influences discovery rate, or you mean that I cam unlock the tech tree faster?

Anyway, I was surprised to receive the Better Documentation Practice. I thought you actually need to own one tech card of the upper level first to be able to get the next level. But it seems all you need is to have the tech unlocked.

Unlock the tech tree faster! Now in 24h not in 36h.

The first level is the 1st tier and it goes like this on down. It is random what you get but with the chances split like this:
Tier 1 - 49%
Tier 2 - 29%
Tier 3 - 14%
Tier 4 - 6%
Tier 5 - 2%

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Yup, I saw the percent breakdown but still until I actually received a tier 2 tech before its tier 1 on the tree, I didn't realize they are independent after unlocking. Wasted quite a lot of time...

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