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RE: DEC-BUSD: Step by step guide - CubFinance (DeFi)

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I decided to start my adventure in the world of DEFI with CUB Finance.

I did the same. I wasn't going to bother because I didn't have a Binance account and didn't want to go through all the rigmarole to get one but then, after reading another post I twigged that I could swap half my DEC for the BUSD so that's what I did.

The major risk that characterizes liquidity pools is the Impermanent Loss that occurs when you withdraw tokens from a liquidity pool and their value has changed from the value at the time of deposit.

I still don't really understand this but my DEC was just sitting in my wallet doing nothing so I'm hoping that even if there is a loss I will still come out ahead.

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Hi @gillianpearce
Yes exactly there are so many possibilities to convert so many tokens and when the new Leobridge feature will be active it will be even easier and more convenient.

After reading your comment I added in my post a link to a post by @edicted that explains very well and with examples what is the impermanent loss.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comment
Have a nice day

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